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G U I D E . B O O K
S E C T I O N . A :
K U M A R I . I N H A B I T A N T S

K O S T A S . P A C K
N A Y A T I . P A C K S O L I T A R Y . S O U L S
G U I D E . B O O K
S E C T I O N . B :
W E L C O M E . T O . K U M A R I
So, you've finally found us, huh? Well, hush now. Rest your weary feet, traveler, and let us sooth you with the sweet sounds of a story. This is why you've come, is it not?

Mmhm, see, I know you. I know your type of human.
You travel to seek a world that does not exist past your imagination; a world that exists only in dreams - a place you know is not real; and yet... You look still; but why? Poppycock you say!?

...But of course! The answer is so simple, why did I not see it before. Certainly, this world must exist! Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there. You still feel it, and touch it with your heart.

I would not blame you for searching. Is it not why we all come here? For a good story to indulge our minds body; to feast and grow - to make friends with monsters and live in their world, if only for a time?

Then sit back - relax. Take this opportunity to let your fingers do the typing... But, ho? What is this, you ask? You didn't think we would do all the work, did you? How are people supposed to read a story that has not yet been written... The greatest story lies inside you. You must share it.

N O W . W E . H A V E . Y O U R .
A T T E N T I O N . . .
welcome! don't mind the old man, he tends to ramble on a bit; let me tell you a bit about this magical world we like to call

k u m a r i .

we are a role play game site built around our members, for our members, by our members. have you ever been to a role play world where you just can't control anything - not even your own character? you've been there for years and yet, you're getting no where? so have we. that's why we created kumari.
this is your world. you play here, you create here, you love here... you live here. so why should we hold you back? sure, there are some rules, but that's only to make it safe; but when your creativity is at stake, there is nothing to hold you back (besides your imagination).

our dedicated admin team works hard to put your ideas into play. everything you see on this site has been designed and created by you - the player.
That's right! If your character is telling you that he wants to have that big house by the lake, then give him the big house by the lake. Oh, what? You're a a bigger thinking than that.. But of course you are! How silly of me... As long as you are willing to put in the work to develop your character, we will make it happen for you; because in Kumari, you're not just a player - You're a creator.

S O . W H O . C A N . P L A Y . H E R E . . .
pah! such a silly question - everyone of course! our members range from mediocre to advance to the down right "what the heck does that mean?"; but we accept any beginner who is looking to develope their skills.
We ensure a frienly member base for all those that are wishing to have a sort of "Big bother" figure to look up to; and we also offer some "tutors", if you will.
But, if you happen to be one of those people that already know what it is they're after, come right on in! Our advanced role players are waiting for your ideas and plots to involve themselves in your lives!