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G U I D E . B O O K
S E C T I O N . A :
G U I D E . B O O K
section a: conduct and courtesy.
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

R E S P E C T)
Disrespect or harassment to any member will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Remember your manners; act maturely and respectfully. You are free to disagree with people, but if you can't say something kindly, then kindly don't say anything at all.

O O C . D R A M A )
No drama. We are here to roleplay, and most of us tire of drama very, very quickly. Either keep it off of the board or don't bother at all.

R A T I N G)
The Kumari Wolves is rated PG-13, but allows mature and explicit threads if properly marked. We do have G-Rated boards for the Under 13, so all ages have a chance to express their creativity.

m a t u r e . c o n t e n t )
All threads containing mature or explicit content MUST be marked with "M" at the beginning of the title, like thus: "M - topic title here." The first post of the thread should also contain a more detailed warning explaining the type of content included within but this is not compulsory. Templates and a more detailed explanation of what constitutes as "mature" or "explicit" can be found here.
Mature content in profiles should also be marked. Mature content is prohibited in character names, avatars, and signatures.
(The Kumari Wolves encourages role playing of every level and genre; if your character has a mate and you wish to 'mate' in detail please private message an admin and they will fix up a board that only you and your mate may see and/or access if you are applicable.))

T A G S )
If there are tags in the title and your name is not one of them, then you are not permitted to post.
section b: characters
A Forewarning
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules, you will remain anonymous.

G E N D E R )
You are not subjected to characters of one gender. A man In Real Life may have a Female Character if he so wishes and vise-versa for a woman. Try to explore each gender as far as characters go; Though, it is not mandatory.

P O W E R S )
Yes! We allow powers. We do not have a limit to our powers, HOWEVER, they are to be used in moderation and with a sense of realism:
No god-Modding or Power-Playing. Your character cannot have 'unstoppable' powers. They must have a weakness and there must be an end to their powers, they cannot have infinite energy. Every character has a limit that, if surpassed, will make them weak and tired.
Also as a rule to God-Modding, should you want to have your character learn a new ability or acquire a new power, you must make a thread with the actions. You cannot 'magically' learn a power/ability, it must be learned or earned. If the user does not create a thread to explain how, or develop the power/ability, they will be asked to delete the power/ability and take the appropriate actions to acquire it properly. This rule has been placed so that no unfairness can be played within the site. (Refer to Section I : The Character Specific Board.)

S H I F T I N G )
Your character may shift forms and we do not keep a maximum to how many it may have, it is your character, not ours; But please, if you have many forms, make sure that you use them all equally, and you MUST explain each form; appearance, how they acquired that form, abilities, etc. in as much detail as is possible in their character biography.

M U L T I P L E . A C O U N T S )
You may have multiple of 3 characters but you must ask the Administrator for permission. To have more then one is fine but some people cannot handle more then one. So based on activity an Administrator will allow or disallow you to have another character; If you are to create another character, you may create a new account for this character but this character must begin as a lone whether or not they have a separate account.

s u b . c h a r a c t e r s)
These are characters that are not needed full time. We still require a profile that needs to be accepted by an Administrator. Sub characters do not need a separate account, they must be posted under the >>Sub Character Board<<. Sub characters are not limited as long as the user does not abuse this privilege.

C H A R A C T E R . U P D A T I N G)
You may change your profile at any given time, but please adhere to Rule 1, that if you are to change your profile, for what ever reason, the change must have been Role Played correctly first. This is to ensure that your character does not acquire powers 'magically'. If your character is to acquire a power, it must first be put through a thread on how he/she got these new powers/abilities.

P A C K . M E M B E R S H I P)
A creator that has already has a character that is a current Pack Member may not not join another Pack with the same character. If they do, they will be removed as a Pack Member and be placed as a Lone. This rule does not apply if your character is playing as a spy from your current pack. This rule, how ever, does not mean that you cannot use another character as a part of another pack. As it is a different character. You may use your Kumari Member character on another site as a friend at no digression.

O F F S P R I N G )
To ensure someone is not stuck playing a young character for months and months we have adapted a system here to help age your youngin'. The female should be pregnant for a minimum of one month, max a month and half.  For every month that passes off the forum, two months pass in the forum. So your "child" will half a year old by 6 months of age, at 6 months they will be a year old, etc... By a year old they begin their training within the pack as either a healer, scout, guardian, or spy (as the case may become).

If anything is confusing for you, please contact an Administration for clarification.
section c : evil characters
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules, you will remain anonymous.

Not everyone can be friendly and nice. We all know that, it just doesn't make for interesting role play. You are more then welcome to have some 'Evil' or 'villainous' characters here, but please follow these simple rules.

If you are to attack, capture, kidnap, fight etc, any member of the site, you must adhere to their >>fighting class<< (located underneath the avatar) before hand.
Please remember the rules against Power Playing, in the site rules (Section B, Statement 2.).
If you are to fight, please refer to the rules for specifically for fighting. (Section G.)

O O C . D R A M A )
Please remember that in Character and Out of Character incidents should remain that way. If Character A and Character B are fighting in the game, this conflict should NOT extend into real life and vise versa. If this happens then this site is not the right place for you to be.

L A N G U A G E )
We all know that villainous characters can use fowl language. We do allow that here, within reason. Please, do not use them excessively and do not use words that may come to offend other people. For any other inquiries either PM one of the Administrators.
section d : graphics
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules, you will remain anonymous.

S I Z E )
Tables and signatures should not stretch the forum table. (We have put a block on forum stretches, so it should not happen anyway but...)
Please use the guidelines as placed below:
  • Picture on your characters profile:
    Width no longer than 760. Length can be anything you wish.
  • Signature:
    Width no wider than 605. Length no longer than 145.

  • Avatar:
    Width no wider than 170. Length no longer than 170.

T H E F T )
Do not steal a picture of something you like and say it is your own. You may use it as a guideline to what your character looks like, but you cannot claim it is YOUR character if you did not draw/make it. You must link the artist on the photo when you get their permission.

C R E D E N T I A L S )
Where possible, try to credit photographers or photographic sources as well as an artist. They're artists too! However, we understand that sources for photos are harder to keep track of/organize and credit is not mandatory; but adhering to the above rule, do not claim it as your own.

C L I C K A B L E S )
You may not have more than ten total adoptable "clickables" from any adoptable pet website on any part of the board, including a maximum of five in your forum signature, five in your forum profile, and any individual topics.
section e : Activity
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

B E G I N N I N G )
When you register on the site you have one week to create a profile. If you do not create a profile by the end of this week your account will be deleted. Once accepted, new members must make an in character post within five days, if you do not you will placed as in-active and will have to consult an admin/moderator before the ability to post to threads again.

K E E P I N G . U P )
Members are expected to post at least once every two weeks with their characters. If they fail to do so without an explanation given prior, they will be warned and given a time to make a post. If a member fails to reply to the message or does not make an In Character post, the character will be removed from the boards and placed in an inactive group for one month. If no post is made either in character or in the vacation bored you will be deleted. (Note: accounts are not deleted, so members are free to rejoin later unless they are inactive for over two months; Then, they will be deleted.).

V A C A T I O N )
Make an announcement in the Vacation board if you are going to be absent for more than a week or you may risk having you character removed or demoted in the rank system. The Administrators of the site need to have quick access to see who is away.

R E T U R N I N G )
If you are deleted from the site once for inactivity you may come back. The second time you are deleted you are gone for good.

Someones inactive in my thread)
If a person is inactive in your thread, adhere to the following system:

If the absent person has not responded within a week of the last response. Private message them a reminder.
If they do not respond within two days and you know they have been on the site, (You can check if they have read your message via the 'sent box') the person may be skipped for the round of posting.
Once it is their turn to post again, the system restarts.

You are not considered an Active Member if you only post in the OoC or General board!
section f : Violating the Rules
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

F I R S T )
In most cases, the staff will issue multiple warnings to those who violates the rules. A warning will usually come via Private Message or, in rarer instances, by email. In some severe cases, bans may be instated without prior warning depending on the severity of the situation.

B A N N I N G )
We will generally ban, or suspend, people for set amounts of time -- a week, a month, several months -- but we also ban members permanently if the occasion arises. The length of a ban depends entirely on the offense and the severity. When banned, members will receive a private message or emailing containing the details and reasoning behind the ban, as well the date and time the ban expires (if it does). If banned, you may, of course, appeal to the better nature of the admin to be re-instated.

O F F E N C E S)
Warn-able and banable offenses include:
  1. Disrespect or harassment to any member.
  2. Excessive powerplay or godmoding.
  3. Post theft or post-recycling.
  4. Image and graphic theft.
  5. Flooding the forums.
  6. Playing multiple characters without permission.
  7. Purposefully being deceitful to members and staff.
  8. Repetitive refusal to follow the rules.
section g : Fighting
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

I C . O O C )
You can fight in-character about anything but leave Out Of Character, Out of Character and vise versa. Do not deliberately pick fights with other members.

S P A R R I N G )
If you wish to Spar with someone, or fight for some reason, please contact the member via PM first and an admin to let them know what is going on. (This applies if it is to be a surprise attack.)

L O S I N G )
Lost battles: You can lose a fight by letting your character give up, but remember no one can say they killed your character unless you gave them permission. You can also lose by not replying to the thread in 14 days (unless you posted and stated you would be away) if the fight was still underway.

J U D G I N G )
The fights can be judged by admins and staff if you want, but usually this is reserved for challenges of rank. If you want a fight judged, just PM an Administrator or Moderator.

C H A L L E N G I N G )
A game as it might be for you, some people or characters take fights seriously, so be careful of who you challenge!

K . O )
Please adhere to the >>Groups<< when it comes to killing another persons character.

G O D L Y )
No power-playing, god-modding, auto-hitting, etc.

K I L L I N G )
Killing another Players person/character without permission will result in banning from The Kumari Pack site. This Rule is below no one on this site.

G U I D E )
Sparing Rules vary depending on the people involved. Those people can propose rules for their opponent, but each must agree to the rules before the fight commences. If there are no rules specified, here are some guidelines you might consider. Be descriptive. A reply to a spar should consist of three paragraphs as so:
  1. An avoid/connect.
  2. A detailed attack - the possible connection.
  3. A secondary attack - the possible connection.

Example: (This is simplified, your paragraphs should contain more words and much more detail.)
As Joes foot came swinging towards Jason's face, Jason's arm raised with speed in the hopes to bloke the blow directed at his face. The solid smack against the posteria side of his fore arm had confirmed the fact that he had indeed blocked the attack and though pain swelled in his arm, it was bare able.

The hand which he had just used to protect his face, swung around, knocking Joes ankle away with a solid and single blow, in the hopes to either knock the man off guard, or off balance.

The second after the confirmation of safety, Jason threw out his other arm, directly towards Joes stomach. His hand remained open for maximum speed, closing only inches from his opponents stomach, relishing in the thought of a solid connection. Hopefully, the man had not found his feet fast enough to evade the attack.

If there is no secondary attack, maybe your paragraphs can be as so:
  1. An evade/ connect
  2. A detailed attack.
  3. A possible connection.
  4. For more explanatory definitions, please click here: >>Definitions<<.
section h : The Chatboxes
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

C O U R T I O U S N E S S )
Be careful what you type. In past sites I have Administrated, I have come to learn that the chat box is a key ingredient when it comes to arguing, fighting and disrespect. This is because it is direct contact between members and sometimes, people say things when they are angry or upset that they do not mean; Or someone can simply take something the wrong way. So please watch everything you say.

M A T U R E . C O N T E N T )
This is a big no in all chatboxes. The chatbox is to be kept at a (G) Standard rating at all times. Anyone found to hve been using any form of sexual referenceing in any of the chatboxes will be banned from all chatboxes.

F I G H T I N G )
If you want to fight (Tech) another player in The Chat Box, then you must follow the rules in Section H and also, you must copy the fight and paste it in a thread for the admin and moderators to administer.
We do not encourage fights in the chat box, but it is a secure location and is much more safe than using a chat forum so we would prefer that as a safer option. This can be an idea for rank fights and or for more advanced Role Players who enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Here are some useful key's for the main chatbox.

  • /me In the beginning of a sentence, this command will be replaced by your username (ex: /me eats a delicious pizza" will display "Nickname eats a delicious pizza")
  • /exit Disconnect from the Chatbox. You can also precise the reason that will be visible for all members connected (eg /exit reason)
  • /abs Send a message noticing that you're absent. You can add a reason that will be displayed in the message and visible by all members connected to the Chatbox (eg: /abs reason)

  • Note:The admin have the ability to ban, suspend or remove a certain member from the Chat Box at any time; Please be aware of this when breaking any of the rules above as this will be the consequence.
    Also, an admin has the ability to clear the Chat Box if need be. If something personal has leaked onto the Chat Box and you wish to remove it, please consult an Administrator.
section i : character specific board
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

Here at Kumari, we encourage character building. We try to design threads based around a single character so that we might have some interesting threads going and yes, it does go for better posting also. Having the same old character with no changes through its entire life get's boring not only for you, but for others and leaves nothing to the imagination.

What is character building?
You might ask. Well, it is something that would enhance your character or further write a history upon him/her. Your character(s) might be a perception of your inner self as most are or it might be an instrument of an interesting agenda. Either way, we all build our character.

We all begin a character with the basics:
Power(s), looks, weapons etc. But in order to make a character stronger with time, it cannot just magically acquire something to make a specific element stronger. EG: I will use the concept of powers. No one can acquire a power from thin air. It must come from somewhere. >>Here<<, in the character Specific forum, is where you would place such a story if you do not want it ruined with the mini'plot of someone else's character.

We try to encourage stories filled with detailed posts so people may better understand why or how this certain thing is happening.

R E P L Y I N G )
If you are to post here, you must make sure, by PMing the creator of the thread, that it is okay for you to do so. Thus, if you have any specific ideas throughout the thread that you might think may make it more interesting, you must ask before doing so. Any changes to the thread can change the entire outcome of it completely and thus make short work and destruction of the owners intentions for their character.

G O D L Y )
As the rules that apply for the entire site. No *God Modding or *Power Playing.

T A G S )
If there are tags in the title and your name is not one of them, then you are not permitted to post.

M I N I - M O D )
Please apply to the rules of the Non-Moderator. (If any)

M I N I - P L O T )
No Mini-Plots unless the thread Author has said you are able.

J O I N I N G )
Last but not least. If you are to join an already on-going thread, make sure you read the entire thread. There is nothing more annoying then someone joining a thread with no idea what is going on. Read the entire thread or ask for someone to give a quick, detailed description on what has happened, then decide how best to approach the thread and enter if permitted.
If you are not sure how best to enter the thread, PM the creator or someone in that thread, we are all friendly and will be more then willing to give you some idea's.

To find the definition of a word you do not understand, please go >>Here<<.
section j : rules for visitors
A Forewarning:
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules.

D O . N O T . H I D E )
Please do not hide who you are to us. This is the ultimate disrespect you can show to us and it will start fights. We can find out if you are lying and we will be the ones to deal with the liar ourselves.

R E S P E C T )
Following the previous rule. Be Respectful. We are allowing you here on our lands, so follow our [b]Rules[/b] and orders from our Leaders. Being in our land we have the the final say in things. You Do not. If a leader gives you an order and you don't follow it you will  either be sent back to your pack and banned or ultimately killed depending on the severity of the situation.

You are here under our watchful eyes; and there are many of them, so we ask you to follow the rules as closely as possible or you entrust us with your fate.