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PostSubject: Cheshire   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:32 am

Name of Member who Invited you: Aulan
Will you be applying for Pack Membership? (Y/N)

Human Information
Appearance:Eyes Ocean blue, with gentle lines of white mixed in
Hair Silken, Cloud Gray, and often in messy but organized twin tails.
Height 5'2"
Body build Lean, muscular deceptively frail looking. Light boned, and agile.
Clothing Sky blue tank top, and blue jeans. Often seen barefooted.
Any extras such as tattoos and so on A pair of feline eyes on her back at her shoulder-blades.

Personality:Personality traits Being what she is she is slightly reclusive, and shy. Never being socialized she doesn't really know how to interact with others. She doesn't easily trust, but when she finally does she is fiercely loyal to them. She is very curious (being part feline it's natural) She isn't easy to temper, but when she reaches it she is intense and destructive.
Powers: Heightened senses of the Feline she bears within.
Abilities: To shift into her Snow Leopard form
Weapons: Claws, teeth, heightened sight, hearing, and whiskers to heighten her sense of touch.
Weaknesses: Ultimately her mate is her biggest weakness, a she would do anything to protect them, even die for them. She has limited stamina in her feline form, and it also makes her human form weaker as well. She also has a weakness to some headache medicines. She is only allowed to take certain ones found in the breed scantuary hospital. Others cause her to have dilusions, visions that are not really there, temproary insanity, and other mental disorders. She can become feral, disorderly, aggressive, retaliative, and excessively angery in a moments notice.
Samata is laboratory creation number 401. She has been genetically created, fused with the genes of a snow leopard. Special abilities were woven into her genetics to serve the labs in their research of her kind. They found a way to copy the genes from the original breed mated pair, and began to duplicate it. Creating different breeds with specific traits to serve the labs in the A-14756 Sector of the labs.

She was created as a computer, and electronics specialist. The labs used genes from scientists, engineers, and other beings of technologic ability to piece her together. Once born, she was separated from the other breed children of her class, for fear of damaging her sensitive mind. Created a thinker, she still has the raw instincts of her Leopard counterpart. Sharp intellect, heightened senses, and stealth. Able to hack nearly any security system on computers she served the labs through her training. So not to be completely socially inept, they allowed her one friend. A breed created similar to her in class and ability. They grew up like sisters, always together. In class, and out. When Samata matured, she didn't see her friend for a few weeks. She questioned the lab..but they told her nothing. Later she snagged one of the papers from her trainer's desk, to find out that her friend had been killed for mal-performance. Samata went into what the humans call "Feral Displacement", and destroyed the entire lab structure. She killed her trainer, and the other scientists, and set the other breed children, and their parents free. They started a place called "Breed Sanctuary", a place where breeds could be safe, and live by their laws. Somewhat stricter then human law, breed law prevents them from attacking any human without dire purpose. After she left the labs she wandered, surviving on her own, mostly in her animal form. As it was easier for her to make it on her own that way.
Breed Science[b] Breeds, only mate once in their entire lives. When single,and in the presence of their mate...a special hormone is produced in glands under the breed's tongue. They share this hormone with their start the mating bond. During what the humans call "mating heat" the breed pair is very volatile. The host of the hormone, is extradorinarily protective, possessive, and compassionate to their mates every need. They pamper, protect, and love their mate for life. Not even death can separate the bond. They can take lovers after the death of their mate...but it will never be as intense, and fulfilling. The bonding last about a month or so, depending on the pair.

Extra: (what else not listed above can your character do? Special power? Another animal form?) She has a snow leopard form.

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