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PostSubject: SURPRISE   Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:09 pm

Blaze and I have been throwing an idea back and forth and we have decided to go forth to surprise everyone who has been with us for a while..We dug far back into the vaults of our character profiles. Beneath the dirt and grime that had gathered among the many scrolls and parchment papers to find many old profiles(biographies). I will create multiple replies of them. You can compare them to your profiles now and see how far you have come. :}

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PostSubject: Blaze   Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:16 pm

Blaze's first profile

Name: Blaze Nekishu
Age: 20..ish
Rank:Beta Male

Wolf form
Blaze is black on most parts of his body except for a large, think line from his tail, across his back following upto his nose and around his eyes. Also look like socks on his legs. His right ear droops down and the left on perks as normal.
Eyes: His right eye is lime green and his left is an icey baby blue.
Height: 4'6"

Human form
Blaze has light tanned skin and Black hair wit red tips. He wears a red singlet shirt, with a black jacket over the top. Red comfty pants cover his legs while he has black army boots on his feet. and red and black fingerless gloves.
Eyes: (same as wolven form) Right one lime green and left one icey baby blue.
Height: 5'8''

Demon form
Blaze's demon form has black hair with red tips. He doesnt weara shirt and his pants are black and he has a large red robe tied around his waiste. There are long black and gold hairs attached to his hair wihc dangle around loosely.
Eyes: Right one black and the left one dark grey, though you never seen them as they are covered by his hair.
Height: 6'2"

Lycan form
Blaze's lycan form his large. His back is black while he has a red underbelly and red tips to his fur. In his demon lycan form he has large red bat like wings and several large red spikes from his back wich pretrude through the skin wich causes severe bleeding.
Eyes: Both pure black
Height: 7'4"

Blaze is easy going and caring. He will easily take a bullet for a friend and hates conflict, but when he is called on he will deliver his best to help. He is very protective over his friends and relatives. He has a great sence of humour and loves a laugh and a bit of a roll around.

human form.

only diff is that his right eye is emerald green and his left is baby blue and black hair with red tips

Mage form (rarely ever seen)

Stage Wolf form

Mage Wolf form

lycan form

Blazes Second Profile


General Information

Characters name: Blaze Nekishu


Age: 21

Ashlyn Nekishu >Link to profile<
Blackster Nekishu >Link to profile<

Power(s): Fire mage, shape shifter.

Mage Level: two

Form(s): Human, Wolf, Mage Form, Winged Lycan.


Human Form
    Blazes skin is a perfect Olive brown, tanning easily.He usually wears his favorite, fire proof trackie pants, loose fitting jeans, cargo's or comfortable pants; A tight tank shirt or a loose t-shirt and flip-flops, Sneakers, skate shoes or his boots, though he can be seen in other various clothing also. His eyes also vary with his mood; Blue (Love), Brown (Neutral), Gold (Curious/Wondering), Green (Placid\calm) Red (angry, furious, mage form), lifeless Black (winged lycan).
Wolven Form
    Blaze under belly, High legs, paws, under his tail and his ear tuffs are a pure white. A Brilliantly bright red covers most of his pelt, Covering the sides of his body, around his tail and the back of his ears. The deepest coal black adorns the rest of his pelt, lining his back it cascades over his tail and down his legs, creating wing like patters on all four of his legs. His muzzle his completely black which covers his face and his 'mohawk'.Also befitting his wrists and ankles.
Mage Form
    Blazes mage form is very obscure, his hair reaches coal black with dark red tips to wards the end, various clumps of hair grow to a large length and apply smaltassels to the ends of them, his fingernails grow to a desired length (depending on his mood at the time) and are viciously sharp, slicing through most things they catch. Black tattoos that remain hidden in his human form appear to cover his form in the form of scriptive writing thus enabling him to use his power at will and remain unscathed of energy loss. He will, however fall unconscious once he changes back to human form, if this is to happen in mage form.
© Lepar [SC]
Winged Lycan Form
    This befitting Winged Lycan Form is vicious and careless, Blaze only reaches this at his highest point of anger. The fur upon his skin will swiftly become a deep brown covering his entire form, with black magick tattoos underneath his eyes that continue onto his cheek patches. Razor sharp claws attached to each finger can slice through metal with ease. His saliva resembles that of molten lava and may burn to the touch, much like acid. His eyes become a deep onyx black showing absolutely no sign of mercy or life. Large bat like wings tear through the lining skin upon his back to make his form complete.

Blaze is very outspoken and laid back. He loves to have a good laugh and will always share a joke with someone. He keeps his Honor in tact by refraining from conflict that will endanger himself, his love or his family.

Blaze has no recollection of his childhood, he gave up searching for everything. Though he has a younger brother named Soul. He met a beautiful natured female wolf named Kara who he had a daughter with (Ashlyn). Kara, was the love of his life, putting his heart and soul into keeping her at his side. After a timely mishap, Kara left her life with the Okami, Blaze deicing to stay, along with thier daughter, Ashlyn.
He has been with The Okami Pack for many years now, had many memories here and made everlasting freindships. Each one he is happy to call his family, whether they are blood related or not.
After being in The Okami for some time, he adopted a young boy named Blackstar, soon to be named Blackstar Nekishu whom he loves as if he was his own son, born and bred.

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PostSubject: Re: SURPRISE   Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:21 pm

Jokers (This is the only profile I found of yours)
Name- Mony

Age- over 3 years of age.

Rank- Alpha Female

Human Form:

Mony carries a light, thin framed body. Alabaster skin, with a sun kissed hue. Long tendrils of blood red curls that cascade down to her mid-back. Her features look delicate and soft. Her eyes are mis-matched, one green one brown. She only stands at 5'3" tall. She boasts subtle, but noticeable curves at her hips. Her muscles lean and strong. Her clothing consisting of black velveteen pants, sitting low at her hip bones. A netted shirt, with a black cotton half tank top over it. Her tennis shoes are black with white stripes along the sides. She wears a black studded collar, with a gold bell poised in the center. Also, she has a gold bell pierced into the tip of her right ear. She wears two matching bracelets to her collar.

Feline Form:

She stands 1' at the shoulder in relaxed state..Angered or challenged she grows to about 3' at the shoulder, long and lanky yet muscular and lean. Her fur is sleek, white. Her claws curved and sharp, are deadly. Canines sitting just at the line of her lower jaw gives her a feral appeal.

Wolf Form: She stands smaller than a normal wolf. Muscles lean but powerful. With endurance and stamina she can outrun most. Fur of the whitest winter snow adorns her lean frame, claws sharp and curved.


Mony is generally a very laid back, patient kitty. Fun loving and notoriously curious. She greatly enjoys being around those she loves and cares about. She is mostly relaxed and tries to see the whole picture. However if angered, she tends to lose herself a little. She is small but mighty and fiercely attacks anyone who threatens or harms those she loves. She is extremely loyal and sometimes trusts too easily.


As a youngling she was abandoned by her parents to the human world. Left on the steps of an old Opera House in the city she was enslaved by the humans there, and was regularly tortured for being disobedient. She ran away, and managed to sneak off into the forest. Being young, she did not know anything of how to fend for herself. She was found by Loki, mostly dead by the lake's shore. She came to respect, and love him dearly as a good friend after he had nursed her back to good health. Now she sticks very close to him, for he is now all she knows of the outside world from humans...Fiercely protective of Loki she guards him with her very life..
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PostSubject: Re: SURPRISE   Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:54 pm


Human: Long ligh brown hair. Her eyes are now that of her lycans. Small build. Petite. 5 5. Five claw marks run down the middle of her back. There an odd color of purple mixed into black, though they are completely healed

Maned Lycan: 6 2, redish colored fur, dark eyes. Black mane going down her back. Her muzzle back as well as the fur on her paws and feet stopping at her elbows and slightly below the knee. lanky, petite. But strong. Can move fast becuase of her small frame. She heals quickly.

Attitude: Her moods can change quickly. One minute she can be happy, the next, sad, frightend and then angry. Just depends.
To new people she hardly talks to them even though she is interested in who they are. Feeling unwanted most of the time she keeps to her self unless someone approaches her. Around her friends she is carefree.

History: Escaped from her horable home. She was conceivedthe begining of August. Her mother is unknown. Tired of the way her life ways, she escaped one night. At the age of thirteen. Everynight countless bodies would be taken away and desposed of. Spotting the cart of dead bodies she snuck underneath them. The smell of death and sorrow would confuse any nose if they where to look for her. The pile being dumped many miles away in the bog she scrambled out ................. she grew up on her own dealing with the change. Took odd jobs for food and clothes. Now, 22 years of age the past still a nightmare.
Her meals consist of the ordanary human food, though when she shifts to her lyccan form she trys to stick with animals.

Having left the pack awhile back she has come back.


Aleria was born on the twelvth of August . Her mother is unknown but her father is the Head of state in this day in age. A king of all lycans that stayed in his country. Aleria was raised by a slave one of many through out her fathers home. She along with every single being feared her father and they had good reason to aswell. Everynight he would send out a hunting party to the nearby villages stealing the humans that lived their. Growing up she saw glimpes of what was going on. One day she would see someone and the next day they would not be there. She could screams of pain and tortue through out the night. Being curious she would follow the many scents wondering what fathers pack was doing. What she found she did not like. She had found the place of the screams and torture seeign the many people here she was shocked. It horrified her and she ran from the place coming to sink down against the stoned wall. ...........dust puffed out and the wall moved sliding like a door and she tumbled back blinking her wet her eyes she rolled to a crawling positon and started to move though the tunnel. After a few minutes she emerged outside the stoned wall. And smiled, she was finaly out . The place was in the back that was lined with the many carts used to haul the humans inside. She roamed around the area sniffling abit she found somewhere and sat down to afraid to go anywhere and by night fall she was found and got a talking to by her maid/slave as she found her and scolded her to never do that again. she hugged her close fearful not wanting to see the aleria get killed as she brought her back inside.

Aleria was a bit older now. Her light brown hair was long down past the middle of her back. She were a blue dress with white stockigns and sandals. The corridor she was sneakily walking down was very dark, she carried a small peice of bread in her small hands Her age around thirteen. The corrider smelt of death and bodily fluids. Her body tensed as she heard a noise and she quickly melted against the wall her heart pounding. Fear stuck to her like glue. Her chest heaving eyes wide with fear. After what seamed like an eternaty she peeled her self from the wall and ran down to the end of the hallway passing many cages filled humans one grabbed at her dress through the bars. Her hands where fragile and had many defensive wounds on them. Biting her lip from screaming she kept running untill she reached the last one. Peeringin she saw a boy her age "here take this" she whispered to him. Looking around she saw noone all would be at the ball at this night looking out for any that would try and kill or farther. Luckily one of the gaurds was stupid and left the keys hanging on the post. She pushed the seat he would have sat on up to the wall and climbed on it reaching for the keys. Struggling for awhile she finally got them glad with her self she hoped down and unlocked the boys cage. The boy thanked her and hugged her close he stank of his on body fluids and she smiled to him

Stay right here and i will be back and make sure you stay very very quiet do you here me.She told the boy sternly she was afraidher self anyone could be comming anyminute.

Hurring down back towards the begining she started to hurry to open the cells. The woman and children inside starting to plead with her to hurry. Her nerves on end as a light shown ahead. Hands shaking she opened the cell were she was at tears slipping down her face there was many more cells to open. A woman stepped out and had her daughter by the hand looking down to her.

Thank you. She patted Alerias head You must come with me and get out of her. The women firmily grasped Alerias hand telling her that the others would have to get out them selfs and that a child did not need to be here. She walked to the other cells handing them the cells telling them to get there ownselves out and the rest. There was already a large group starting form. Suddenly a man shouted and ran towards his form shifting to become a very large white furred lycan with red hell fire eyes. A roar emitted from his muzzle spittle flying as he called to his hunters and trackers. He charge the many of people that screamed.

Aleria jerked her hands free of the woman "Everyone follow me and hurry. Please you have to hurry" She ran from the woman shouting for them to hurry to follow her. She reached for the boy whom she had told to stay and pulled him along. But her hope was gone for the other hunters were coming and changing. The ones that where out and where not charged at and ripped to peices followed aleria as her small frame ran from corrider to corrider. She was looking for the correct wall when she found it and quickly pressed it "Everyone in she called " her eyes wide with terror and her own urine runnig down her leg as the lycans were closing in . Many shouts sobs and screaming could be heard as the people were thrown back into their cells some lay dead on the grown dismembered.

Aleria watched the scene go on as the children, ages sixteen and up when first. The lady that had told her to go let her son go before she did. The little group that had followed her hurriedly going through the tunnel. The woman pleaded with her to go but she wanted the woman to be with her son she would go last she pushed the woman down into the tunnel. four lycans came tearing down after her barring their fangs to them. Then a roar ripped through the crowed and she froze struck with fear all the way down to her toes. Her eyes filled with tears.

Her father pushed through the hunting group shoving them to the side "Aleria!" his growl reaching her ears. His form standing around 6' 5 gruelling looking black fur and cold blue eyes. Her form charging for her. Her massive paw sweeped out and slapped her side ways sending her body spiralling to the side rolling over many times. She cried out in pain and was very dizy but new she had to get out. Seeing spots she blinked her eyes getting on her hands on knees. He snarled to the other lycans telling them this was his daughter and for them not to interfear. He would kill her but now he wanted to make her suffer. She saw him coming and ran at him. He growled and would lunge at her. As he did she leaped under his bulky form landing on her arms and legs scrapping them to pieces though she took no notices needing to get away. Her quickly began to crawl towards the opening only getting a few paces when she felt pressure on her back. she heard her skin burning as it ripped and sliced open in five different spots. A horrific scream toar from her mouth and tears slipped down her face. Her left hand outreached for the tunnel . She new was going to dye and was about to give up hope just as a hand reached out of the tunnel and pulled her inside suprising her father and the rest of the lycans. In pain she blacked out every no and then she could tell she being drug the ony way to get her out. At the entrance of the tunnel growls and snarling could be heard.

Her father sent the hunting party to seach for them their bulk to big to fit through. Once out in the open the woman carred aleria to one of the carts that had dismembered body parts piled ontop. She figured it would lead out they would have to dump the bodies somewhere to rid themselfs of them. She wished her luck thankfull that she had helped her son her and the others but she wished to have nothing to do with her and her kind just wanting to leave this place. She ran to the cart that had her son and piled under the bodies holding him close...

Aleria awoke feeling worse for ware. Her back had started to heal once it had happend though it still hurt and was burning like mad, She rubbed her eyes the smell of decay hitting her nose hard. Other piles had began to burn and it was only amatter of time before they lit this one aflame. She winced as she carefully crawled out. She was in pile of dead bodies scattered on a dry plain. Looking up she saw a hill and green grass and snuck away never to look back again.

Aleria ran from the burn pit into the forest that lay ahead. Each step setting her back on fire. Gritting her teeth tears streaming down her face. She new she had to keep running. Her father would be looking for her. She wiped at her tears looking around sniffing the area. Her stomach knawned at her inards. She stumbled a few times crying out but had to get back on her feet.

Aleria finally found a place to rest and cuaght a meal. With in the same year the change was upon her. It was crucial and painful. And withthe first change she was hungry and went out and killed what ever crossed her path. Everynight that night still played with in her head. Knowing her father was out there somewhere She did not stay in one area for to long and now that she could shift to her lycan form it made travel alot easier. When her body matured to that of a fifteen year old she finally took her firest step with among the humans. Wanting to get into there world she hide from them and watch what they do and what they were. Of course she had to steal close inorder to fit in with them. She felt bad for it but as soon as she could copy what they do and not snarl at them this would have to do. She worked at fitting and becomming as human as possable. Once she did she explored their world. Their shops their food their lifestyle.

Then she passed a sign saying help wanted. She pushed open the door and stepped in. She couphed at the smoke and smell of liqour. Know one paid much attention to her as they carried ontheir busingess. Finally she walked up to the counter asking the man behind it about the job. He looked at her oddly asking how old she was. Telling him she was fifteen he scoffed and was going to kick her out, kids did not belong in a bar, when she pleaded with him. Hearing the commotion the manager came forth and looked at her. He was a nice looking man whereing a business suite. "What do we have here? he asked. So then him and aleria went to the back room and they talked she told him she was on her own making up a story that would pass off as the truth to any human.They made a deal. She was to stay up in the loft above the bar while the bar was opened and to pay for room and bored she could help clean up the place after it closed. She agreed to that and worked and stayed there untill was Twenty..............

Then she met Nyoka of the Okami pack lands one day and at first she told him no as he asked her to join his pack. With in a few days though she found him and said yes. She wanted a new start andhe seemed friendly enouph. And that my fellow pack mates his how i came here.
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PostSubject: Re: SURPRISE   Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:44 am

Hehehehehhehhehehehhe oh my god. Wow. I don't know what else to say hesides, really!? What the hell drugs was I taking back then!

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PostSubject: Re: SURPRISE   Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:20 am

OMF, I think I'd hate to see Blackie's old profile O'lord XD
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PostSubject: Re: SURPRISE   

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