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 Between heaven and hell.

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Benjamin Nekishu

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PostBetween heaven and hell.

Dear friend,

I want to share something with you. An out of body and other worldly experience that occurred to me on Thursday night, the 9th day of May 2013. You may think I'm crazy for this but I can assure you I'm not. To read this you must open your mind enough to believe in things you've only heard about.

A month ago, 3 days before Anzac Day, my Papa (Grandfather) was taken by pancreatic cancer. He fought it for not more than a year, Anzac day would have marked the day of diagnose. It was severe, angry and in curable; and he was a fighter. I watched him struggle, a man I'd never known to shed a tear or show pain. I watched him scream at his stomach and tell it "You're not getting me. I'll beat you.", though eh knew he wouldn't. The words of a scared man.

The last time I saw him he was laying in a hospital bed, unable to get up an hallucinating. It was three weeks before he passed on. I sat with him and we said nothing for more than an hour while he slept. When my dad told me it was time to leave, I bent down and kissed his cheek. He woke and looked at me and said "Hi Chlo."
"I'm going now papa-" I replied "I love you." And kissed his cheek again as he told me he loved me too.
"I'll see you again soon." I said... I knew I wouldn't; but I couldn't say goodbye to him. I couldn't let him know I knew he was dying.
Little did I know, I would see him again soon.

A month after his passing, I was sleeping; dreaming. My friend Kel and my friend Telle were there. The next thing I knew, I was in a room. My house mates room. In my house... It was my house, it looked like my house but it had no furniture. Only a single end with a white sheet which I was sat upon. There were two women there, I didn't know who they were and I looked at them. Terrified. I felt like I was awake, but the world was different. Duller. Outside was the tree that loves in my yard, but it had no leaves. The sky was grey and the colors around were nulled and boring.
"What's going on?" I asked the women, but they only stood, watching.
"Hi Chlo."
I turned to see my grandad, only he was younger. He looked healthy again and he was without his glasses, his blue eyes were like perfection. I was terrified to look at him because he was real. He was there. I shot off the bed. "No. You're dead. You can't be here."
"Don't e scared, Chlo. I'm here. There's nothing to be afraid of."
It took a moment for me to calm and realise what was going on.

Now friend, you may not believe me when I tell you this but I swear it is nothing but the truth. My grandad had pulled me from my sleep and out of my dream. He had come to my house in search of me; but I had stayed at my girlfriends that night. My papa had pulled me to where he was. I was in purgatory.

I sat with him and we spoke about many things, things that are true in my life that I had no idea was happening around me. He told me he was here. He told me that heaven had opened for him but he wasn't ready to leave us. He had stayed in purgatory because we still needed him. My dad is struggling. My dad and my papa were closet than anoyone I've ever known. He's worried about my dad and is sending a message through me to him.

My family, my mum and I, are very susceptible to clairvoyance. My mother sees things before they happen and I see, and feel things that shouldn't be there. I have seen my guardian angel, he is tall and dark, wearing a tip hat and a long cloak. I've been told of him in a tea reading I did. By this point I had already seen him before but the lady told me that he was a descendant from my family, the early 1300s and his name begins with a G. My grandmother told me there was only one man in our family who begins with a G and he lived in the 1300s; his name was Guy. Not many people have seen their own guardian angel and I always wondered why I could, why he was constantly there; I know now. I'm a messenger and I've web asked to send a message to my dad in order to save him an protect him from harm.

At this point I should tell you of the woman who lives in my house. My house mate has seen her and my friends have felt her; but we know nothing of her.
A lady walked up the hallway from my bedroom and turned into the living room. I got up and ran out of the ro to see her just as she walked out the door. "Who was that?" I asked.
"That is the woman who lives in your house. She is stuck in a lapse and is unaware that she is dead. She's stuck here, walking the same tracks day in and day out."
She was pretty, a slender frame and wearing a white loose shirt with blue pants.

my papa said I must tell my dad that things will be okay, that he needs to be wise with his money and with his time. I will not go into detail for it is a private matter of family business.

I sat with my grandad for a small time time before the sky flashed red, illuminating the room. "What's that!?" I asked turning to look out the widow.
"Someone has passed; an hell has opened for them." He replied. The woman advanced on me and my heart raced.
"You have to go now." My papa said.
"I don't want to leave you!" I replied and began to cry. I was terrified and I missed him. "What if I don't see you again?"
"Chlo, I'm safe. I'm okay but you need to help me. I love you." And he wrapped me in his arms.
The hug was real. I held him as tightly as I could and cried. He was warm ad he smelled just like he used to.
He let me go and the wan ushered me up.
I looked at my papa, tears streaming down my face.
"You must go right now," and urgency in voice as he said it, worry in his features. He saw my hesitation, "Im okay Chlo." He stood urging me on. "You have to go."
The women pushed me down, the other writing in her clip board; and pushed me under the bed. I had to hide.
I closed my eyes.

And opened them. I was in my girlfriends room again; I had woken but it.felt as though I had been awake for hours and simply had just blinked. I was awake, there was no groggy feeling, no sleepiness. I had been awake.
An over wheeling sense of happiness came over me. He was okay. He's made it to the other side.

The purpose of this is to tell you... I never believed in heaven or hell. Until that night. I was there, I know it's real. I have no doubt in my mind.
There is a place you go after you die. I've been there. It is called purgatory. It is the place you stay when being judged between heaven and hell ad it is the place you choose to stay in when you have unfinished business on earth.

I've seen it. I've been there and it's as real as you and I.

Now friend, you may think I'm crazy; but ask anyone whom is my friend. I've never told a lie and this is honest to god truth of an out of body experience I shared with my deceased grandad in a place where heaven and hell combine and the living should not be seen.


"The only time a man can truly be brave

- u n k n o w n
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Between heaven and hell.

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