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 Titus Leggiere

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PostSubject: Titus Leggiere   Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:20 pm

Name: Titus Leggiere

Age: Biologically equivalent to a 20-30 year old, chronologically, 30 thousand, by earth time.

Breed/Species: Wolf, large wolf

Preferred Group: Rogue

He posses multiple forms, Humanoid, Wolf, and Lycan

Human Form:  Flowing red hair, reaches to his shoulders, worn in a style similar to Thor in the recent marvel movies.  He stands at about  6 and a half feet tall, and weighs in at a solid 420 pounds, but, despite his size, he is very quick and light on his feet.  His voice, is also similar to that of Thor's, though, a little deeper.  His scent is like a fire burning cedar and apple wood chips, mixed with a hint of freshly plowed earth.  

Wolf Form: His wolf form stands 4 feet at the shoulders, and is 6 feet long.  However, his weight transfers to his wolf form, and he gains about 30 pounds, weighing in at a whooping 450 pounds.  His widest point is at his shoulders, which are broad for a wolf.  This results in him looking like a large cross between a bull dog and a wolf.  His fur is a deep, deep ember red underneath the black guard hair.    

Lycan Form: As with his human and wolf forms, his lycan form is also heavy.  Standing 8 feet tall, it weighs a solid 1000 pounds.  But again, despite his size, he is agile and light on his feet.  His fur in this form, is a bit of a change from his other forms, its a deep gold color.  He has no idea why its this color, but it is.  All of his forms have an innate strength that comes from their combined size and weight.  

Birth Season: He was born under the second blood moon of Krul.  This equates to him being born in the middle of summer.

Alignment: Generally Lawful Good, but depending on the situation, has been known to sway to chaos, and also to more lawful and good.

Powers: Manipulation of earth and metal.  
Manipulation of earth - he can control earth, rock, stone, etc.  He can call on the earth for strength, and can cause pillars to rise up beneath him.  He can build structures from his control of the earth, he can also cover himself in rock to serve as armor.

Manipulation of Metal - He feels as though his sword is an extension of his body, which allows him to be a master swordsman.  His control over metal allows him to hone the edge of a sword  to a quality normally only seen in surgical implements.  As with his control of earth, he can cover himself in metal to act as armor.

Weaknesses:  If he loses contact with the earth, he loses any assisted strength from the earth, and if he has it pulled up as armor, the armor crumbles.  With his metal, if he is bound up with wood, his ability to control metal is blocked.  He also cannot swim very well.  While he can gain concentration and clarity from his metal control, or, crafting, as he calls it, and strength and endurance from he earth craft, the concentration can wind up being detrimental after enough time, and his earth, can only grant him so much strength before he reaches a limit, granted, that limit is really high, but, there is a limit, though he knows not where it lies.

Fighting Class: I will say able for now

Personality: He is a warrior through and through.  He can be a dominating personality, but, if there is a set structure for him to insert himself into, he will gladly accept the commands of another.  He can be submissive, yet, only if the person is strong enough to dominate him.  Other then that, he is a appy, jovial person, easy enough to get along with as long as you dont get his hackles up.

History:  He knows not who his parents are, he merely knows he was found on the steps of the monastery where he was raised.  The monks at the monastery were militaristic, yet peaceful at the same time.  The preached strength in order, and peace through superior strength, and not striking at an enemy without sufficient provocation.  Despite these lessons, by the time he was a teenager, he proved to be far to wily for them to handle when he did not want them to.  He was sent to another monastery, this one more of a school for the gifted, which he was.  It was at this school that he learned of his talents for manipulation of earth and metal.  When he reached the age of majority, he was turned out of the monastery, and into the world.  After traveling around the Blackthorne Kingdom, he found himself living on the streets of Blackthorne Hold, the capital city.  Here, he found himself running with a small group that came to call themselves the Shadow Brothers.  Among their numbers were counted the young prince Bladewolf, with whom, despite the kings displeasure, he soon formed a lasting friendship, and considered each other best friends.  The Shadow Brother turned into a warrior guild as the group got older, and, when Blade discovered the battle singing in his blood, he gave up his claim on the throne to join them full time.  This was a very good existence for them all for a number of years as they established themselves as one the top groups of warriors in the land.  Then, the Light Invasion happened.  When Blade fled from the final fortress with his father, it was Titus, his closest friend, the man he considered a true brother among a group of brothers in arms, who stayed to give them the best chance to escape.  He was presumed to be dead, but, before was killed, as he was slipping into unconsciousness, he folded the rock about him, and escaped from the forces of light, thanks to the warning a mysterious woman gave him years earlier.  "When the Light is about to fall, may the earth itself rise to protect you."  It was in those last few moments that he knew what she truly meant.  So, he wrapped himself in solid rock, praying to whatever god may be listening that Blade and the king might escape with their lives.  
After spending a full year recovering from his injuries, still wrapped in the earth, drawing energy from it, he emerged more powerful then before.  He then began to travel, managing to cross the planes thanks to the help of what little shadow magic he possessed, he could not travel as easily as Blade, but he could travel on his own.  He has now tracked Blade to the Kumari area, and hopes to reunite with his brother in arms.

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PostSubject: Re: Titus Leggiere   Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:21 pm

he looks something like this, just, bigger and more muscular

This is an inactive character until further notice. His turn his hereby skipped, all plots involving this character are to be void until reinstatement.
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PostSubject: Re: Titus Leggiere   Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:42 pm

A C C E P T E D.


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PostSubject: Re: Titus Leggiere   

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Titus Leggiere
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