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 Pandora Maria Blackthorne

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PostSubject: Pandora Maria Blackthorne   Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:44 am

Basic Information

Full Name
Pandora Maria Blackthorne


17 years old


Birth Season
Late Winter

February 15, 1998

Pandora has a cool, refreshing scent like an ocean breeze.

Pandora's voice is rather quiet but quite clear and gentle.

Wolf Breed
Grey Wolf


Neutral Good, Type 2

Personality, Appearance, and History

At first, Pandora is extremely shy and quiet, never speaking unless someone directly addresses her. She always seems nervous or alert when around strangers or in groups larger than only a couple of people. Pandora will always choose to avoid the spotlight, preferring to be another face in the crowd.
However, there's more to her than just her shyness. Beyond her 'shell', Pandora is actually a colorful girl with a heart of gold. In the long run, she only really wants to meet new people, explore, and help others, but her up front goal is simply to overcome her shyness. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy helping others whenever she can. Pandora prides herself in being independent, and hates being called a child. She also fears fire more than anything, after her mother died in a fire when she was ten.
Some of Pandora's strongest points are her loyalty, kindness, helpfulness, and willfulness. She would never betray her friends and family in any way, shape, or form, and she'll do anything to help them. She always wants to help everyone out of kindness, and she can be quite stubborn about her beliefs when she wants to be.
Though, like everyone else, Pandora also has her flaws... The one that shows up the most is her lack of confidence. No matter where she is or who she's with, this teen never feels like she can handle something. She always second guesses herself, no matter what. Another down side to her personality is the fact that she can be quite easily manipulated, if whomever is doing it is smart enough to subtly influence her thoughts or play on her wants to help people. This could easily be turned against her, of course.
The final part to Pandora's personality is what happens when she's upset. Since she is connected to the water element, she is actually rather similar to it. She usually is calm, but a single quip or misplaced comment could set her off, like a pebble being thrown into a pond... Her fury strikes quickly, causes damage, and then vanishes just as quickly as it came, just as tsunami would.

Human- In her human form, Pandora is a small, lithe teenage girl with big, bright emerald green eyes and long, wavy auburn hair that goes to her mid-back. Her face is heart-shaped, and she has a petite frame. She stands at a mere 5 feet, 4 inches and weighs only 115 pounds. Her outfits are usually simple, just a t-shirt and jeans with whatever shoes she has.
Wolf- In her wolf form, Pandora is an extremely unimposing being, only standing at 2 feet, 2 inches at her shoulders. From tail tip to nose, she is only 4 and a half feet in length and weighs 55 pounds. Her fur is grey in color, with flecks of auburn. Her pointed ears are auburn-tipped, though the flecking is still there. Her eyes are the same emerald color they are when in human form.

Pandora was born in a small, forested town far away from Muchani City to Alia and Connor Everhart on February 15th, 1998. Her life started out rather average, like any normal child's would. Nothing was really out of the ordinary, until she was ten years old.
At that age, her life suddenly started changing when she discovered her wolf form and water manipulation ability on her 10th birthday... Both of which she managed to keep hidden, though it was EXTREMELY difficult to do so when she felt strong emotion. Beyond that, the year was still ordinary... Until the 16th of December, when a kitchen fire started. The house was mostly undamaged, but since Pandora's mother had tried to put it out herself, she couldn't escape. The fire claimed her life, and destroyed the kitchen before it was put out. From that, Pandora's fear of fire was born. It was only a month later when Pandora found out that her mother had had the same power as she did, but the intense heat had stopped her from summoning the water to put out the fire.
From then on, Pandora and her father grew closer, though he could not understand the struggles to hide her abilities or the ordinary things most teenage girls went through. For four years, that was how Pandora's life was... Just her and her father, working together to try to keep their life as good as it had always been.
Then, when she was fourteen, tragedy struck again... Pandora's father had gone missing, leaving the young teen to try to support herself. Being unable to support herself as a normal human, Pandora eventually ended up taking up the life of a wolf, living in the forest that surrounded her town. Having basic knowledge of how to survive as a wolf, Pandora lived in her canine form, moving from place to place.
For two years, Pandora moved farther and farther away from her home town, until she eventually reached the Kumari Lands at age sixteen. After a short string of events, Pandora became a member of the Kostas pack and was adopted by Bladewolf Blackthorne, and started to enjoy a (somewhat) normal life, like she had when she was a child.
After a few months of staying in the Kumari Lands, Pandora ventured out of the lands for a short while, returning a couple months later. Now, her life is as normal as it can be for a girl who can shift into a wolf.

Powers and Weapons

Water Manipulation- Pandora can control the element of water and use it her advantage, though she isn't very advanced at using it yet. She can only do a few basic tricks, and sometimes manage to form something large.
Weakness- The main weakness to Pandora's ability is that if she does something too big or uses her ability too much, she is EXTREMELY drained. This ability also gives her the restriction of having to be in contact with water every four hours, otherwise she becomes weak and sluggish.

Pandora has yet to find a weapon she can successfully use.

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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Maria Blackthorne   Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:17 pm

That is okay, dear. I will private message you as soon as I get the chance to clear those things up with you. Welcome Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Maria Blackthorne   Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:32 am


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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Maria Blackthorne   

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Pandora Maria Blackthorne
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