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 Yuzuki Nanoche

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Yuzuki Nanoche

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PostSubject: Yuzuki Nanoche   Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:46 pm

General information
Name: Yuzuki Nanoche
Age: 28
Breed: Lycan/vampire hybrid
Weight: 112 pounds
Height: 5'7''
Hair: White
Eyes: Light blue
Scent: Cherry blossoms
Voice: Warm but has a authoritative undertone
Birth season: Summer
Preferred Group: (Loner for now, will see what progresses from there.)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fighting class: Elite
Overall appearance
 Yuzuki has pale flawless skin, her hair reaches her waist and is always well kept. She takes pride in her appearance although it is not to attract the opposite sex, she does it for herself. A tidy and clean person is someone who takes care of themselves. She has long eye lashes and a curvaceous, feminine body. When in her human form, Yuzuki will often be seen in long flowing skirts, her attire always sleek and/or feminine. In wolf form, her fur is always clean and looks as though it is always brushed to perfection. Soft to touch it is thick and warm but sheds to a much lighter coat in the summer months. Her fur is white and her forehead has two black V shaped markings against her fur. Her eyes shift from their light blue to amber in this form.

~ Summer- Due to being born in the summer, Yuzuki has a particular liking for this season, the more hot it is, the better in her opinion.
~Honesty- Everyone should be honest, it is an important trait for anyone to have. Yuzuki will not take to kindly to dishonesty at all.
~Respect- Everything, no matter how small, deserves respect in some way or another.
~Battle- Yuzuki is fearsome in battle, in a fight she feels the need to see the blood of her opponent no matter what.
~Nature- Nature should be appreciated by all, without it we would not survive.
~Laziness- It is a pet hate of hers, often Yuzuki will be seen slapping someone on the back of their head for displays of lazy behaviour.
~Tardiness- Unless someone has a very valid excuse for not being on time then it will piss Yuzuki off if they keep her waiting.
~Womanizers/man eaters- These type of people will not be held up very high with Yuzuki.
~Snow- Yuzuki is not fond of the cold, particularly the snow.
~Vengeful- Yuzuki will seek revenge if someone has done her wrong, she does not forgive easily by any means.
~Blunt- Yuzuki will be very blunt and forward, she sees no need to tread on egg shells with anyone, whoever they may be.
Overall personality : Yuzuki is friendly enough although she may come across as otherwise at times with her bluntness. If she wants something, she will reach out and grab it. She has a determined and strong mind and will work hard at whatever she does, striving to do the best at all times. She is a natural leader and is not one to follow or live under the rules of another. She is somewhat easy to befriend and can be very jokey at times, always up to have a laugh and a bit of banter but she has a ruthless and cruel side which is more noticeable when she is in battle. She will protect those she holds dear no matter the cost. Yuzuki is loyal to those she sees fit and trustworthy for the most part.
 Yuzuki is a complicated female she is warm but can be cold, she is peaceful yet enjoys battle, she is kind but can be fiercely harsh. She has a switch that is flipped at it's own will but above all of her flaws and traits, she is extremely self controlled and not easy to temper.
Fighting style: Yuzuki takes on a more hands on approach during battle. She is not phased which form she uses, whether it be human or wolf, she will be focused. Although she may look as though she acts on impulse during a fight, she is really using tactics; assessing her opponenet(s) and analysing their weaknesses and strengths. Mostly she uses 'darker' styles of fighting, aiming for the more weaker areas of the body or she will sometimes like to break the bones, she likes to torture them a bit but that depends on her opponent. If the one she is fighting is much weaker than her she can show some compassion and not be so 'rough' on them, give them a fighting chance.
~ Sonic blast- Yuzuki has the ability to create a sonic blast with her voice, this will cause incredible pain in her opponent, bursting their ear drums and sometimes can even deafen them indefinitely.
~Blood binding-  This stems from the fact she is a half vampire. Yuzuki is able to manipulate another's blood. She can either stop them in their tracks or she can even make their own blood boil within them.
~Enhanced senses- A normal lycan tends to have enhanced senses but Yuzuki's are insanely heightened due to her vampire side.  Yuzuki can smell, hear, see and taste in so much detail that at times it can become uncomfortable for her. In a fight however, this ability is very useful, she can usually predict and react a lot faster against attacks than expected.
~Enhanced speed- Yuzuki can run at the speed of light, covering great distances in a very small amount of time.
~Enhanced strength- Yuzuki has the strength of a lycan and vampire combined. She could easily lift tremendous amounts of weight with ease.
~Decelerated ageing- Yuzuki ages like a vampire, reaching a mature appearance she will remain in that form until she dies. She will live for eternity naturally, meaning she would never die from old age.
~Holy relics/ consecrated ground- Due to her vampire side, holy relics, water and consecrated ground can affect her greatly. Depending on what is used the effects can vary from a slight burning sensation to almost blinding her.
 Born into a pack, Yuzuki's mother was the female alpha and so she seemed to be destined for great things. The pack had high hopes for her but as soon as she was born, the only surviving pup of a litter of eight, she seemed different from anything they had ever seen before, she was deemed an abomination by the alpha male of the pack. Yuzuki was born with blood red eyes and had a thirst for blood like never seen before among lycans, meaning only one thing; the alpha female has given birth to a litter not of the alpha male's, she had cheated on her mate with none other than a vampire.
 In the alpha male's fury at this realisation, he killed Yuzuki's mother when she was just a pup, too small to understand anything that had happened. She was then cast out, left to defend herself at only three months old. Some of the pack members took pity on her and brought her food without the knowledge of the alpha male, without them she would have surely persished.
 As time went on Yuzuki grew stronger and from regular visits from various pack members she was able to thrive and survive with ease. When she was old enough to understand, they had told her everything that had happened. Upon her mother's murder, the alpha took on another mate within an instant, having no remorse for his previous mate and her child. Yuzuki grew cold and felt the need to seek out revenge for her unknown mother. The pack members who remained her allies told her of his wicked ways, he was a cruel and harsh leader with only his self interest at heart, he cared for no one other than himself. A power hungry leader was not a good one in Yuzuki's eyes.
 After years, Yuzuki had made a life for herself, but still she vowed she would one day get her revenge. As an adult now she had a home and had integrated with the humans but she was often feared by them, she was clearly different although her appearance showed her to be harmless and appealing, she had a darker nature, a blood lust. Yuzuki fed off many of the humans, but she only fed from those she deemed evil or cruel in some way or another. She grew to enjoy human blood more so than consuming animals, animals had done no wrong, humans were the true evils in this world. Yuzuki never sought out her father, she did not want anything to do with him, if he was in any way decent he would have been there for her mother, protected her but no, he was not and so she had crossed him out.
 A few more years past and Yuzuki made her first move, she decided on doing this because the ones that had been helping her were deemed too old and too vulnerable to be in the pack any more. The alpha had killed them off, trying to recruit fresher and younger meat for his pack. Yuzuki took the opportunity to appear to him once more, he would not recognise her now, her red eyes had turned to blue over time, she was unknown to him now. Yuzuki was quickly accepted and she soon became his favourite. Due to her abilities and cunning, she was swiftly put up in the ranks until she became alpha female.
 Yuzuki remained alpha for three years, making sure the rest of the pack were safe and could survive on their own once she had departed. They respected her and turned to her over the Alpha male,  he did not take to kindly to this and began to see her as a threat to his rank and so as expected, he turned on her but all Yuzuki did was smile, this is what she had wanted all along, but she could not have destroyed her former pack, first she had to stabilise them, and she had done.
 A fierce fight broke out between them but due to Yuzuki's enhanced powers and strength she won, she showed him no mercy and was brutal and cruel in her attacks, she was reaping her revenge for her mother's murder and so she held back none. Not long after the fight had began, it was over. Yuzuki stood there with his blood dripping from her maw, panting but her eyes showed happiness, a sadistic kind of happiness over what she had done.
 Yuzuki could have stayed and remained alpha, but after what they all saw in her they began to fear her. She did not want to run a pack through fear, but through respect and so as she had thought all along, she left them after appointing a new alpha male, he could chose his own alpha female and she trusted him to look after her former pack. And so, Yuzuki left and found herself wandering through various lands, looking for a place to settle and not really knowing what she wanted to do next, her entire life so far had been lead by revenge, now that revenge was completed, she was at a loss.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuzuki Nanoche   Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:36 pm

I'll have to say, I like her and would be interesting to see her interact with Charon, who can be pretty lazy and let's just say he can freeze anything he wants. Ha!

I liked the back story and that twist with the infiltration and afterwards.

Will just have to say and remind you, be careful not to power play with her blood binding (almost said bending), but other than that,


And welcome Smile



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Yuzuki Nanoche
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