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 Ashlynne Nikki

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PostSubject: Ashlynne Nikki   Wed May 14, 2014 12:09 pm

Wolf Information
Name: Ashlynne Nikki
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breed: Timber
Group: Bandit
Birth Season: Summer
Alignment: True Neutral

    Weight: 63 lbs.
    Height: 34”
    Length: 60”
    Voice: Colleen Clickenbeard (Voice of Erza, the red haired, armored one)
    Scent: Ranging between honeysuckle, sap and fresh cut grass

Ashlynne hasn’t always been this color. No, her fur once used to be a sandy brown with accents of the color dirt of on her mane, back and the outside of her thighs. Ever since her rebirth, most of the darker shades of brown have blended into a dark forest green, like that of leaves at night almost black, along with most of her pelt. However, some of her sandy underside remained the same, nicely mixing from the deep green to the soft color of fawn. Her face is the same color as her back, though it seems as if some of the brown remained as speckles of brown dots along her muzzle, cheeks and the back of her ears mainly; the colors melding together quite nicely. The underside of her tail is the same as the rest of her belly and legs. Thin, almost appearing underweight, Ash is quite formidable and strong for her size. Her muscles are sinewy and hug her form, though they are there. Weighing roughly 60 lbs., she may seem rather light, but she is small, her shoulders not even reaching 3 feet high. Her thin appearance is also emphasized by the shortness of her coat, having been born to into a warmer climate.

Matching her appearance even further, Ash has smoky ringed hazel eyes that are a mix of browns, greens and tans. They seem to mix constantly and if one were to look into them, they would see pools that never cease to stop swirling, even mesmerizing the onlooker. If one were to look away from her eyes and a little lower, a smile could be seen on her lips, though most of the time it is of something that is amusing to her. Opening her maw, her teeth wouldn’t be white, rather green at the base that fades into a teal at the tips. Her gums are dark in color as well as her tongue, almost a dark glistening smoke hue. To make her stand out even more, quite a few bone-like thorns can retract from her tongue. Also, her tongue is different; it’s more tapered at the end and at the very tip, the largest thorn retracts. If that isn’t menacing enough, these spikes reoccur over her body, hundreds of them that are able to hide and retract and withdraw and show themselves. Their color is the same as her teeth and the longest ones are a few inches long; they run down her spine. They emit from her body from her nose to the tip of her tail, though much shorter and less in quantity than around her face than on her back, sides and chest. The only places where spikes are not present around her form are from her paws up to her elbows/ankles, tail (other than along her tailbone) and her belly/underside.

Younger, Ashlynne had a bright and fun outlook on life. She always was wanted to play with her siblings and telling them to cheer up all the time, even her parents when they were down. Nothing could ever really truly upset her to where she didn’t try to look on the bright side of things. Hesitant at times out of fear, she was easy to scare and would be reluctant to do many things that involved questionable places or animals. She was innocent and naive. More often than not, one of her brothers or father would accompany her on such trips.

Old life long forgotten, or perhaps buried deep on the intentions of never resurfacing, a new one has begun for Ash. By the good will of the spirit, she had retained a little of her bright, kind and fun personality. Though only whenever she would be alone, sometimes she would talk to the trees, flowers or other inanimate objects just so she could feel less alone. However, being exposed to dark forces for such a long time, Ash tends to be withdrawn, shy and distanced with those she doesn’t know. She can even be a little venomous with those she feels that she doesn’t like. Ashlynne also gets confused easily, often mostly because she just doesn’t remember about it or has a hard time recalling information. Stemming from this, Ash can be quite forgetful and can have a hard time remembering names. One advantage to being a slave, if one could call it that, was her fighting skills and confidence is much higher than before and more fearless, often resorting to a fight to solve things between her and something that she’s confronting. In times of need or when she wants something, like an instinct, she just takes what she wants and to her, that’s perfectly ok.


    Toxigenesis; Poison Generation. The chief element that Ashlynne holds. Every barb that covers her body is connected to a tiny venom sack that emits the toxin whenever the barb makes contact with something. The toxin isn’t nowhere near deadly, however it is a nuisance to the skin. Much like poison ivy, it will cause irritation and rashes and can spread easily by sweat or water if it isn’t washed off properly to stop the spreading. Her teeth emit a different type of poison. When bit with her two upper and lower fangs, Ash injects an intoxicating poison that affects the target with similar symptoms of being drunk, prohibiting fully coherent thoughts and actions. The spikes on her tongue though don’t emit any type of venom, except the longest barb that retracts from the tip of her tongue. While a lick from her when her thorns are present will give some nasty scrapes, if the venom from the thorn on the tip of her tongue is injected into her target, it can be fatal. This poison is a neurotoxin that targets muscle movement, slowly numbing her target to the point where they aren’t able to move muscles because of damaged nerves. She is also able to secrete it into her mouth, mix it with her saliva, and spit it at her targets. If it were to remain on them for a prolonged period of time, they could suffer the same effects. If she happens to ingest her own poison, it won’t affect her albeit an upset stomach.

    Arborkinesis; Able to manipulate growth of plants, Ash however doesn’t have full control over any type of plant. Being her secondary element, it happens to stem from her main element of poison. Meaning, she is able to only manipulate growth of toxic and poisonous plants, like ivy, oak, and foxglove. She can also make these plants grow so she may make food or drink deadly to her enemies. Though depending on the location, only certain plants she is able to grow. Since poisonous plants don’t affect her skin, she is able to wrap herself up in them for added defense or even used offensively to use vines to wrap an enemy and grasp them.


    Dazing Fang: A simple attack where Ashlynne charges at her opponent, hoping to grasp them between her jaws so she can inject her intoxication poison.

    Acid Shoot: Secreting her neuro-poison into her mouth, she gathers some saliva and spits at her target. She can do this successively, though with a short “reload” gap in between. If contact is made, her enemy only has a moment before the poison seeps into their skin. The poisonous acid would create a burning sensation as contact is made and if the target would remove the poison before it was totally absorbed, the sensations would dwindle.

    Thorny Rose: Not much of an attack but more of a fancy name for her extending her spikes.

    Seizing Poison Vine: Usually done after she performed Thorny Rose, Ash makes poison ivy grow and wrap around her. Growing rapidly, soon her whole body is entwined and she is able to now use these vines as prehensile “arms” to grab, lift or throw her target. She is able to pick the ivy from their roots and still control them to her will. Ashylnne’s strength isn’t increased by much with these vines; however, it does make fighting a large or difficult opponent easier for her.

    Dance of the Willow: Allowing her thorns to remain extended, this move is more defensive than offensive. Usually when encountered by numerous enemies or perhaps an enemy with swift moves, Ashlynne relaxes her body. Just like a willow that is shaken by the wind, the opponents attacks are simply parried and countered. However uncharacteristic of a willow, the bone-like thorns puncture and damage the opponents body. This dance form is incredibly acrobatic, using spins, charges, and long sweeping slashes to make the strikes more effective and to evade opponents' counter strikes.

    Dance of the Laurel: After poisoning her opponent one way or another, Ash performs this attack, in hopes of finishing off her enemy. Not a set series of moves, however, her thorns grow twice as long. Concentrating her magical energy, allowing her thorns to double in size, it only lasts a few short moments. Ash then follows to charge at her opponent and gives a series of body slams. More often than not, she will have Seizing Poison Vine still being performed during this, allowing her for better offensive capabilities. With one final charge, she throws her opponent airborne and jumps up after them. Front flipping in mid-air, Ash follows with a double pawed kick to her opponent to send them towards the ground. Though not letting them hit the ground just yet, she grabs them tightly with her vines and does another front flip, sending them in one complete circle before finally slamming them into the ground. At this point, her vines go limp and fall off her form while her thorns retract completely, leaving her exhausted and low on magical energy.

Skills: Related to her abilities in growing poisonous plants, she has shown some knowledge in creating mixes of fatal or incapacitating drinks/food to take care of an enemy. She also knows all the antidotes for her poisons and for poisonous plants that she grows, but rarely tells anyone, let alone gives them some. Her knowledge of plant growth is expansive, however, she is still learning.

Fighting Class: Able

Weaknesses: dry, infertile soil; dry/extremely hot climates in general; ground or psychic based attacks. Also, her fragmented soul can cause conflictions within herself and on occasion, her innocence can clash with her thirst for blood.


    Chronologically: 6
    Mentally: 4


    Mate: N/A
    Children: N/A
    Parents: Alive, but still unknown to her
    Siblings: Alive, but still unknown to her
    Friends & Allies: None
    Enemies: None that she knows of

Generations before Ashlynne’s time, a dark sorcerer enchanted a nearby forest. This dark sorcerer would travel throughout the world, creating portals for himself. His goal was to be in command of the Earth and everything within it. Creating these portals that only he could open or close allowed quick travel from one end of the world to the other in the blink of an eye. In hopes of conquering lands this way, he continued to create these outposts for future use. Rumors told that he was close to being finished with these portals and about to wage war against the world. Though suddenly, everyone stopped hearing news and feared the day that would come and felt it coming soon. However, years passed and nothing happened, nor did anything become of the enchanted forest, except remain guarded by a “beast”, keeping the mechanisms of the portal safe from intruders. Everyone became to believe the dark sorcerer had died or disappeared, still knowing nothing about what he looked like. Some say he was a simple human, others may say an other-worldly being, and there are some that it was Satan himself. Despite these hopeful thoughts, everyone feared the forest, dubbing it the Devil’s Forest, never entering for the longest of time.

Now this is where Ash’s story beings. In a land where it warm most of the year and rainy for days on end, Ashlynne Nikki was born to her parents, two of the most mellow and loving parents that she would have, along with 3 other siblings: two brothers and a sister. They had taught her about the basics of what prey is and what’s a predator, the wrongs and rights, and respect for her elders. Much like the many wolf packs in this realm, each one of Ashlynne’s pack gained abilities to become humans or lycans. Some were lucky to have both, like Ash, while others only had one or the other. Along with the rest of her teachings, Ashlynne was taught to control these forms.

Once reaching the mature age of 2, Ash was asked to hunt because those who usually did were either ill or out already and haven’t returned. They only knew of game through the Devil’s Forest, however they created a safe path through it where the beast won’t bother them. Still hesitant, Ash reluctantly led herself into the forest and hastily made her way through. Much more confident now that she has hunted and was on her way back, Ash quietly taunted the beast of the forest, boosting her own ego. Too involved with herself, she had wandered off the safe course and into where it was suicide. Ignorant of her situation, Ash felt this overwhelming darkness sweep over her and the forest fell completely silent. Forgetting her kill, she comes to realize where she was and breaks for where she thought she knew the exit was. Fatally wrong, quite literally, Ash ran straight into where the beast resided. Falling into an intelligent formation in the Earth, Ash had found herself right in front of the mechanisms of the portal or what she initially thought was the portal. Some…thing had carved out a perfect circle in the forest and made a small clearing where 5 perfectly carved spheres bigger than herself were placed halfway between the center and circumference of the circle. Vegetation had overcome most of the area, but there were metal place-holders for some object on each stone sphere. Paralyzed in awe and in fear of imminent death, Ash couldn’t find footing. Scrambling, she began to run in the opposite direction, falling multiple times.

Quicker than a snake, a large and thick prehensile vine struck out at her. Missing this time and a few more times, a couple more of these vines had found purchase and had tripped her. Letting out a screaming howl once she was grasped by one of these vines, Ashlynne resisted as much as she could, but it was in vain. Brought to the main body, the beast turned out to be giant carnivorous plant that looked much like a mix between a Venus flytrap and Pitcher plant. The tube like pitcher covered in thorns made up its’ body while the mouth had many sharp and tough barbs that closed like jaws. Crying out, Ash was hoping for someone to hear her as the beast of a plant wrapped its vines more around her body. Constricted, the last happy thought she had was of how sweet the plant smelled, almost like honey and of how it reminded her of her mother. Wrapping the tip of another vine around her muzzle, Ash let out one last whimper before her neck was wrung.

That was the first time she died.
Swallowed whole and dead, Ash was caught victim of the guardian plant. However, Ash’s body remained intact. Rather than eating her, the plant began to manipulate her genetic structure. Absorbing some of her animalistic make-up, the plant integrated some of its own, creating a wolf-plant hybrid. After a month, the carnivorous plant gave birth to Ash and she was reborn. The dark sorcerer after all, created a plant that didn’t kill. No, that wasn’t the worst of it. It took animals and made them slaves of Devil’s Forest. As time went on, she helped guard the forest to her unknowing, the Ash she was still dead. Physically much stronger under the will of dark magic, she could mostly fend off anything and anyone who dared enter the forest. Though there was a catch: if anyone of the slaves were to exit the forest, the dark magic bond would cease and they would be truly dead. By this time, everyone had assumed her gone and her family mourned gravely. No one was brave enough or willing to risk their lives to look for her, knowing it would be pointless.

Months passed where Ash was in this frozen state between being alive and dead, fighting to keep the forest “safe”, a puppet. However, Ash’s body had wandered to the far reaches of the forest, chasing after an animal that had trespassed. Having the command to kill it, she had run out into the open and the sun stung her skin. Falling weak instantly, with the dark magic exorcised, her body fell to the ground.

Exactly 421 days after the fateful event of falling to the clutches of the carnivorous plant and becoming a slave to dark magic, Ash had died for the second time.
Scavenging animals and birds sprawled next to her body in the following days. They had tried to pick at her dead body but fallen ill and died shortly after, as her very pelt was poisonous and fatal if tasted. Her body also didn’t really rot, or begin to anyway. In fact, once it rained and the sun was out, her body began to flourish, her plant like make-up still alive, on the verge of taking over her body. However, a wandering spirit came across her form, stuck in the mortal world, neither able to get into Heaven or Hell; in limbo…or perhaps it had unfinished business. Nonetheless and for its reasons alone, decided to merge with Ashlynne, giving life to the female once more. Just like waking up from a bad dream, she bolted upright and jumped away. Then an overwhelming amount of emotions came over her and she fell back down, trying to understand and yet unable to remember a thing. Everything came up blank. Her very soul had been entwined with another’s and thus the new Ashlynne was born.

Aimlessly wandering off, the days went by of knowing absolutely nothing. Finding herself much thinner than before, she just figured that perhaps there was a time lapse before waking up and after her apparent death (as far as she knows, she remembers going unconscious then waking back up with a different body). In reality though, after becoming a slave, fat had withered from her body, along with some muscle mass. Though being forced to defend the forest, Ash's body withstood vigorous activity and thus retaining strength. Then scents and sights triggered memories of her name and someone teaching her etiquette's, respect, hunting, but didn’t remember who they were or who she grew up with or that she was part of a loving pack and family. Great depression came over her as she regained conscious understanding of a few concepts of who she was, knowing about it and yet not knowing. Simple skills she re-taught herself quickly and came to accept her new form and eventually, the amnesia she has suffered. Though one thing she didn’t know about was her deaths and what occurred between her first one and second one. She did wonder how she gained this new appearance and abilities, however, left that door closed in fear of opening it and finding she didn’t like what was inside. Every once in a while though, she wishes for her old memories to come back so she can show her parents and family she wasn’t dead. Ash was also at a mature age and wondered about a family of her own. She would often dismiss the thought as worthless, as a male would never find her attractive.

Alone for the past couple years, Ash had developed a liking to her new self and had trained herself to have better control over her abilities, though still having plenty to learn.

Lycan Information
    Weight: 156 lbs.
    Height: 6’

Many characteristics carry over from her feral form. That being her main coat consists of a forest green pelt with muddy brown undertones while her underbelly and the insides of her limbs blend into a light sandy brown. A ring of smoke seem to encircle her deep hazel eyes as always. She still remains quite thin in this form, more of an athletic build, but her fur helps her appear a little bigger than what she really is. Ashlynne is rather tall, however compared to other lycan forms, she is still tiny and can be dwarfed easily.

Human Information
    Weight: 107 lbs.
    Height: 5’ 5”

Ashlynne appears as a woman as if in her late twenties; mature but still young. She is a light skinned woman with long dirty blonde hair. She often will keep it up in a ponytail with two locks that frame her face, each side at a different length. Below her hazel eyes on her cheeks, are a few freckles. Much like her lycan form, she has a thin, but athletic build with dimensions 34”-27”-35”. Her favorite attire includes a simple tunic underneath an open jacket. Sometimes the tunic will be tucked into the dark colored capri pants that she’s wearing. As for shoes, they can range between sneakers to short heeled sandals. Although this form is accessible, she will opt out of using this form unless it suits her for a good reason.

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PostSubject: Re: Ashlynne Nikki   Wed May 14, 2014 6:24 pm

Outstanding. this took me the better half of forty minutes to read but I am overwhelmed by the effort and detail you put into it. I cannot wait to see your ability to post.


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Ashlynne Nikki
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