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 Lucius Mistwalker

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Lucius Mistwalker

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PostSubject: Lucius Mistwalker    Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:57 am

Full name: Lucius Mistwalker
Mate: Desi'Andrea Sabine -(Lost to the sands of time, presumed dead)

Age: He has existed since before the dawn of modern recorded history - Eons

Race: Genetic Vampire (born vampire)

Preferred Group: Bandit (at least of sorts)

Scent: He smells of cold stone, like would be found in an ancient sealed mausoleum, but not stagnant, just very cold

Voice: Smooth, toned similar to Alan Rickman and Bennedict Cumberbatc, yet, at a deep, subconscious level, it invokes a feeling of frightening terror, which is countered and buried by the hypnotic quality of his voice

Build and Appearance:  He cuts a tall figure, not overly wide, but still imposing.  He is 6 and a half feet tall, and weighs a light 169 pounds.  His skin is like that of polished white marble, and for hells sake, he does NOT sparkle.  His eyes have a glow of red about them, but, they change slightly with is mood, and hunger.  If he goes too long with out feeding, he will begin to change physically, his skin greys and roughens, and he starts to look like a vampire from a horror movie (similar to what happens in day breaker).  His fangs are only visible when he extends them, at least to a point.  Should one get close enough to examine is teeth, one would find they are still distinguishable from his others, and are visible if one also knew what they were looking for from a distance.  As well, he also has wings, which, for the most part, he keeps concealed under a cloak.  They are magnificent things, brushing the ground behind him when he holds them loosely.

Birth Season: The very depths of winter

Blood memory - When he feeds, he gains the memories of the being from which he has partaken of their blood, a very dangerous ability to those who are trying to keep secrets

Soul Drain - Different from sucking out a victims blood.  He can draw their very life essence out without ever having touched them.  Now, he can draw out just a small amount and only have the individual need to take a nap to recover.  But, with a large enough sustained draw, which the victim would become aware of quickly, he can quite literally suck the life out of someone

Sonokinesis - He can manipulate sound, all sound, this also helps him to move silently, and can be used to focus the sound into a sonic blast for attack

Mind meld - if he has the opportunity to mind meld with someone, there is a chance their mind could be broken, resulting in a semi-mindless servant, if they try to fight that is.  And once the meld as occurred, there is a residual ability to communicate telepathically

Psychic Displacement - The ability to mentally divert someone, or a groups, attention elsewhere, either away, or towards, the individual with the ability or elsewhere as wanted. Includes the ability to mask his presence, manipulate it, and project it about himself at will.

Magic – He has the ability to focus the magical energy around him, as he himself has no actual magic himself, as he drains the magic and life force from other beings when he feeds on them.  His abilities with magic, all come from being learned in his quest for power, though his capabilities are limited to what he know right now.

Darkness - He is unaffected by darkness, no matter how dark he can see through it as though it were a clear sunny day

As well as super speed, claws, increased durability, etc, typical vampire abilities

Weakness - Sunlight, he can recover from brief direct exposures, but, if he is trapped in it, he will die, though he can look into it from under shaded protection.  Sun Light also temporarily reduces his ability to heal through the drinking of blood.  If he has drank enough blood, then holy objects have no affect on him, but, if he is in a hunger weakened state, then holy objects can do damage, but it depends on the sanctity, so to speak, of the object.  He can draw upon magic essence around him, or, for a strong sudden surge, he can draw upon reserves from within himself, but, that drains him, bringing him closer to the same degradation as going to long without blood

Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Evil

Fighting Class: I would say able for now

Personality:  He has a penchant for the dramatic flare, but he is intelligent enough to know that it is not always necessary.  He hungers for power, for the domination of all.  While he is not openly opposed to pure hearted beings, he does view them as weak, and people to be subjugated to his will.

History:  His father was an ancient hulking brute of a man, even by the standards of prehistoric man.  His mother, however, was one of the first generation of vampire.  When he was born, as was the custom among the vampire at the time, he was cast into the wilderness to survive or die on his own.  While living away from all society, he came into contact with a consciousness of pure evil that spoke with him, and though it left no delible mark, it had left an eternal mark upon his essence, to eventually drive him to pursue ultimate power.  After returning from the wilderness, his family accepted him back in, with no idea what had happened to him, for, his own memory of the encounter had been wiped clean.  Over the next few thousand years, as human civilization advanced at the carefully cultivated rate monitored by the vampires, who grew to form seven distinct, yet related families. Each of these families derived their heritage from that of the Mistwalker family.  They all cooperated with little to no incident, until the question of vampire creation arose.  3 families supported the creation of vampires through the blessing of the bite, while 3 remained adamant that the only way was to be born a vampire. House Mistwalker, as the oldest, remained strictly neutrally, officially, though there were dissenters who still chose sides despite being ordered not to.  Lucius, sided with the side of birthing new vampires.  This rift eventually resulted in what would be known as the Creation Wars.  These ripped the ancient vampire family society apart, leaving the ancient world in ruins.  After roughly 3 centuries of fighting, Lucius remained as the oldest surviving vampire, having seen his mother ripped apart brutally by an opposing vampire.  From this point, he slowly rebuilt from the ashes, using his knowledge of each house as leverage to force the survivors to follow him.  After consolidating his power, he went on to dominate the known world, spanning outwards from what would go on to become the Kumari lands.
However, he was attacked and captured by a group of "good" vampires if you would use that term.  He was sealed, magically, inside of a tomb buried deep beneath an ancient mountain range long since eroded by the passage of time.  He was released when an unknowing explorer, a deep mountain hiker who stumbled across the tomb entrance.  He opened the door, and, upon breaking the seal of the curse, was soon consumed, reigniting the blood, and power lust, sealed dormant within himself for long centuries.  A true evil is once again released upon the land, an evil lost in the ravages of time and the course of history, tales of him have become but myths told to entertain or scare small children.  Lucius Mistwalker the Terrible has returned

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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Mistwalker    Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:24 am

Very cool, a good amount of detail and very interesting powers. Welcome



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Lucius Mistwalker
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