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PostSubject: Zigan   Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:24 am

Name- Zigan
Gender- Male
DOB- 07/5/1980
Age- 34

Breeding and bloodline.
Zigan was born into a lycan bloodline making him blood purer then a 'werewolf'' though his family also had the ability to shape change, Zigan getting the choice between his lycan and a 'human' form.
Recently Zigan has had his blood mind and body 'corrupted' his being how more of angelic lineage then anything else though he still has his human and lycan forms.

Pack- Kostas.
Pack rank- Undetermined.
Former Beta made Alpha, upon his demise Blade Wolf took position of Alpha.

Physical Attributes.
Zigan has a heavy build much more so in recent years his muscle bulk having doubled and then some since becoming Alpha then having his regeneration at the hands Archangels, he appears much more foreboding and 'bear like' then he actually is.
His hair remained the same long shock of red though now upon the back a long white/blue streak has appeared, his 'mark' from rebirth.
His eyes emerald in colour now are ringed with a blue that seems to glow iridescently giving him an eerie other worldly appearance.
All scaring he had prior to his death, including body modifications have gone leaving his flesh clean of it's past life, rebirth creating a new body replica of the old with no marks remaining from Zigan's former life.

Style wise Zigan still dresses the same as before, in what ever he can find and custom to himself with a quirk, his old wardrobe having not changed. The only difference in dress is when calling forth his new Angelic abilities, a robe of energy glowing white covers his form at such times.

His Lycan form is largely unchanged though as with his 'human' one he has bulked up a lot since rebirth.
He stands at nine feet nine when upon hind legs in his lycan form.
His eyes once would change to grey, now they remained the blue ringed emerald. His fur is unchanged grey thick wire like coat.

Zigan has considered the Kostas pack his family for many years since his joining of it. They are his brothers and sisters as well as his friends and loved ones.
Jokers once his mate and Fiancé now remain friends their romantic relationship having come to a close due to many factors. Though they still share a love for what once was, with her he fathered two children, twins. Leena and Farah.

Zigan is a complex soul but that wasn't always the case. He came to the pack an angry young man, filled with potential but also hatred.
They changed and moulded him into a much more accepting and gentle creature, his knowledge of life creating a much wiser man then he had once been.
The pack gave him the ability to love and he did so abundantly. It also gave him a fierce compulsion to protect those he grew to care for.
He is loyal until the end. Introvert and extrovert at the same time able to express his opinions with ease yet at times finding it difficult to express personal emotions to others.
Always willing to help or be a listening ear Zigan tries to make himself as open to others within the pack as he possibly could despite his unwillingness to unburden himself of certain pains.

History in Brief.
Zigan came to the Kostas pack after fleeing a much darker group of lycans, a gang called the bayside brawlers. The gang were running anything illegal they could get their hands upon. Including children. Children that fell bellow standards once the gang turned them were slaughtered.
Zigan who up to this point has been a thriving higher member of the gang couldn't stomach the murder of children so fled the group as one of his former brothers -Hunter- had  done.
Zigan followed Hunter and eventually found the Kostas pack.
After a rocky few months Zigan settled into the group, meeting Jokers, having the twins and becoming a high member of the pack eventually it's alpha.

Everything seemed to slot into place until Zigan found himself targeted by a demon, it wished to use him and impregnated a seed which he placed in within Zigan. A large battle ensuued where Blaze managed to trap the seed within Zigan's arm.

This only held so long though. A few weeks passed by before Zigan began to suffer nightmares which escalated into hallucinations. The seed having started to leek its evil into him leaving him open for the demon to enter and posses him with the intention of taking his body.
The demon had Zigan before he could do much about it. Blaze came and attempted to save him but when all else failed his friend had no other choice then to take the life of the monster before him.
In a cruel twist the demon fled Zigan's body as the blade punctured his body, Blaze killing his friend the demon having escaped.
After this nothing remained for Zigan only darkness, his soul having been cast away and trapped by the Archangel Michael.

Michael had saved the soul from being ripped downwards but he hadn't released it into heaven or let it back to earth, he kept it to himself for months until he decided what to do, once decided he turned Zigan back onto the earth with a new replica body. To do Michael's biddings but also attempt to level the playing field between dark and light forces.

Powers and Abilities.
-This section is to be worked on as Zigan evolves as he can tap into Michael's powers when he needs to so they will adapt and change over time once Zigan masters them-

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