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 Sophia Death-Reign

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PostSubject: Sophia Death-Reign   Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:12 am

Daughter of Darkness

Real Name: Sophia Anwar Death-Reign
Age: Appears 19 (Actual age: Unknown)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100
Origins: Arcane
Occupation: Swordswoman
Build: Petite & Lean
Orientation: Sapiosexual
Marital Status: Single
Hair: Black with white roots reaching down to the temple, this is a natural color variation of unknown causes.
Eyes: Crimson, they shimmer purple
Skin: Ivory - Fair
Demonic Breed: Vampiric Wraith

Preferred Group: .......... Lone
Fighting Ability: .......... Able
Scent:........... Vanilla
Voice:...........  Soft, soprano and lilting.


Order: Carnivore
Species: Wraith
Length: Variable
Weight: Unknown, variable
Pigment: Black
Build: Sleek

Sister of Chaos

Mother: Arashi Anwar Lukavi-Reign
Father: Marcus Nathaniel Crane ( KnOT Death). (Deceased)
Brother: Karne Death-Reign
Grandmother: Talan Anwar Lukavi (Hibernating)
Grandfather: Garrett Reign (Deceased)

Sophia Anwar Death-Reign

"Come on & let me in
bruises on your thighs
like my fingerprints "

The Reign Legacy

Sophia Anwar Death-Reign was born daughter to Arashi Reign and KnOT Death, she was the product of a one night stand. As the story goes, her mother slept with KnOT Death and upon realizing that they had no future together, left his bed in the early hours before dawn. This was how the prodigal son was born; the daughter would follow only minutes after but would forever be in the shadow of her big brother.

As far as legend goes and according to Arashi, Sophia’s mother- she was born in secret a year after Arashi left the city of Arcane and Sophia’s blood father, KnOT. For the most part Sophia knew nothing of her father and never really asked any questions of her mother. The reason for this was because Arashi was not the warm nourishing type. In fact Sophia had nothing to do with her mother until she was in the third grade. It became extremely apparent that while she knew her mother loved her, Arashi would never stay in one place for too long; this included home. Instead Sophia was left in the care of the servants and was also appointed a legal guardian by the name of Miyamoto Musashi; a Japanese swordsman and ronin. Under the tutelage of this man she learned control of the sword and the often rampant hunger that plagued her.

Years later Arashi returned to her home overseas and hit Sophia with news that would leave the girl in a state of chaos. Sohpia wasn’t the daughter of the vampire named KnOT. Her true conception was with the demon inhabiting her mother’s sword, Fudoshin but it was KnOT’s blood that gave the dead fetus life. Blood that Arashi had stolen from KnOT upon one of their more lively arguments, for this very reason Arashi had never told KnOT about the existence of his daughter and Sophia never asked about the vampire that was and wasn’t her father. For seven years she was held in a mental institution where Musashi was the only visitor she was allowed. He trained her to use the anger and despair of being the tool of a woman who seemed not to care a single bit about the daughter she’d birthed; and turned it into the perfect shield against the thirst that Fudoshin used to consume its wielder.

After a long interlude of her mother’s absence, Arashi returned only to reveal to Sophia that she had a brother. The Reign children age differently due to their mother’s lineage and therefore what would be years for a human or vampire child is nothing but months to the Reign family. Her brother was indeed a full blooded Death, the legitimate son of a vampire known as KnOT Death. The vampire that had put her mother through more than she could forgive, and yet she resented Arashi for being loyal to him in her own way. It is this Karne Reign that brought Sophia overseas to see for herself what this brother of hers is truly like and whether or not the vampire known as KnOT is worthy of being called ‘Father’ or if he will fade into the past and remain in the shadow of Fudoshin.

the blood is raw and sweet as cherry wine

(Please don't use this knowledge IC unless it has been revealed through RP.)

*UV Light causes severe burns
*Requires blood every seven days
*Allergic to Wolfbane, causes seizures


Heightened Sight
Heightened Smell
Heightened Taste
Night Vision
Abnormal Strength
Accelerated Regeneration
High Pain Tolerance

Shimmer – the ability to become phantom-like in order to pass through walls or other beings despite their composition or matter.
*Sophie is able to maintain her fangs in this form so her bite is deadly and physically felt.

Wraith – much like the shimmer this form allows her to travel in between worlds and in this state she has the ability to control the temperature.
*She can only lower the temperature not raise it.

Telekinesis – A telekinetic link she uses to communicate with whoever she wishes, although she often asks for permission.

Hemokinesis – The ability to manipulate blood.

Soul Seeking tracking of any soul in the form of energy signatures whether they be within a live person, item or even after being freed from their mortal shells.

Primary Weapon: Katana - Fudoshin

- Fudoshin is her grandmother Talan's blade, it rivals Kyuuketsuki - the falchion that belongs to her mother, Arashi. It has also merged with Sophia's body and is summoned at will.

- Weapon’s Abilities:

- Reaper – the ability to consume blood and soul of anyone or anything it pierces. If left too long embedded in the enemy’s flesh this blood thirsty blade will gorge itself until only a carcass of skin and bone remain.

- Shadow Manipulation – the ability to control or shape shadows into whatever it desires, the souls Fudoshin consumes can be temporarily placed into the shadow figures making attacks corporeal.

- Blood Song – a low frequency pitch heard only by its wielder, to those of Otherworlds it is nothing more than an annoying on-going beep. At times Fudoshin will pulse if it comes close to a weapon or creature tied to blood such as one possessing the ability of Hemokinesis.

True Child of Blood

Angel eyes, that old devil sent. They glow unbearably bright.

Things in Arcane didn't go as was necessarily planned. Demons broke out of hell and everything went to shit when Sophia met Cassandra Blake, a human girl turned vampire by none other than KnOT. She liked the girl, the two became fast friends, although in the end Sophie would give her life for her.

After being torn apart at the hands of Lucifer, Sophia's body was taken by Arashi. It was the soul and nothing more, woven and placed in a cocoon that offered a type of hyper sleep with Fudoshin stabbed through its core so that instead of being drawn into the sword, the power of the sword and its many souls formed the body of the girl. It would take time, but in her wraith form, Sophie passed into the great beyond. Her consciousness traveled through the Void while her physical body continued to rob the life and blood of mice that came too near her tomb; absorbing it if only to mold it into a body, hardening it like an exoskeleton until it began to rebuild and morph, turning hemoglobin cells to calcium, bone, skin.

The world had changed, it had expanded and invaded all of her senses, leaving her to wallow in the dark path of nothingness. Throughout her slumber, Sophie heard the words uttered by Soul but she could never follow the thread that would lead her to him and she huddled in darkness, rocking back and forth driven to madness by her inability to return until Arkheim found her. He led her to the depths of Noxemgrid where he showed her the story of her origins.

Talan Lukavi had traveled through the great tree's roots, leaving behind the land of Serendair just as the Sleeping Child awoke and plunged the land asunder. She carried with her nothing but her sword, and a vial of blood from the old lands. It was the blood of her father, the wraith that forced her to rape and kill in his honor. Sophia learned that her grandmother had been harder on Anwar, who now went by the name of Arashi, than Arashi had ever been with her and Karne.

After her conception, Arashi began to inject the blood taken from Serendair into Sophie's system for three nights, and then would draw the sleeping girl's blood and inject it into herself in order to keep the corruption that was filling Sophie's young body from killing her altogether. This allowed Arashi to become more powerful than any wraith, including Talan who had gone into a deep slumber, much to the relief of the world.

The great clan wars had come to an end, and Arashi's travels were revealed to Sophie. It was also here that she learned the truth about the Child of Blood, it wasn't Arashi as she led everyone to believe, but Sophie herself. Sophie who had been made with the blood of KnOT, Arashi and Fudoshin combined. The same Sophie who's physical body remained dormant and yet absorbed the blood of others to rebuild her body in order to hold her wraith form. The same Sophie, whose blood was used to inject Karne, who had been born purely a vampire due to KnOT's genetic construct; which gave him the ability to become a wraith like his mother and his little sister; unbeknownst to him. Unbeknownst to KnOT.

It was Arkheim that revealed the true nature of the beast, the reason for her isolation as a child. She remained in the Void, learning and confronting the Voidwalkers and their masters, until her body was ready to house her soul. Once Fudoshin had been fully engulfed and merged into the fabric of her bones. Upon awakening she would find her mind and body connected to all of those with blood in their veins. The unlocking of her power rivaling even that of her mother. Arkheim had given her the key to the worlds, but she would bid her time and continue to allow others to think that her mother was the real monster.

Need I say that my love's mispent. Mispent with angel eyes tonight.

Images taken from DA, credit to Artists. Will be taken down upon request.

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Death-Reign   Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:15 pm


Welcome to Kumari and a very interesting character indeed!
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Sophia Death-Reign
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