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PostSubject: Aulan   Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:41 am

Name- Alan (Singular, her full name is no longer used)

Age- Wolf years, 4
Human years- 23

Race- Puerto Rican

Breed- Himalayan Wolf

Preferred Group- Loner

Weight- Wolf Form - 45 labs
Human Form - 115

Height- Wolf Form- 3ft at the shoulder
Human Form- 5'3"

Length- 4 1/2 feet. (Not sure if that's proportionate or not.)

Scent- Vanilla, lavender.

Voice- Soft, warm. Melodic. Enya.

Birth Season- Summer

•*Alignment- Lawful Neutral

Powers- Aulan is a seer. Her visions are strong, and come to her in her dreams. She does not have to always be sleeping to get a vision. She can brush against a person, or fellow wolf and see things into their future, past or present.

Weaknesses- Aulan is not the strongest of fighters. Her uncertainty in this area is her biggest weakness.

Strengths- Her will. Aulan is a determined creature with a desire to learn and be better then she was before. She is loyal caring and will protect those she loves fiercely.  

•Fighting Class- Docile (For now)

Personality- Aulan is reserved, and guarded. There is a wall around her heart that she keeps there to protect herself. She does not easily trust anymore, and will more then likely push someone away rather then risk getting too close. She is quick witted, and has a laid back sense of humor. If you break down that wall and manage to get close enough, she will defend and protect with all her might. She is spontaneous and fun loving. Often seen playing even by herself. She is an old soul, with a big heart, should you manage to find it, and find your way in it.

•Description. -

History- Aulan was born in the summer time, to a pack four years ago. She had two siblings and was doted upon. She learned as a pup to be caring, and loyal. And so she was. Her pack was not a violent one, but they would defend their territory and family fiercely. Her siblings were more outgoing then she was. Content to just explore around the den her brothers would often go off without her. Though this, spelled disaster. Before they were a year old, a neighboring pack attacked her family. They had grown stronger, and struck when the hunters were out. Aulan's brothers, parents, and pack were ambushed and killed. Somehow, she managed to escape and fled her homelands. Found by JokersWild she came to the Kumari lands to start anew. The Kostas took her in, and became her new family. There she found happiness, along with her strange seer abilities. Sporadic and uncertain she began to get visions of futures that were not her own, pasts that did not belong to her. Unsure of how to focus it, she would often get these visions in her dreams. Foggy pictures of what was, and what could be. While with the Kostas pack she met Wolf. A strong, arrogant but secretly caring male. They were mated, and adopted a daughter, Aleria. Though it was not to last. Due to her reserved nature... and the presence of a she wolf that bested her.  Aulan was once more on her own. Though she found comfort through her daughter. Aulan eventually went in search of Wolf, and found him in Arcane. Their meeting, more of a clash..did little for their relationship, and so she left. On a journey that would take her far and away from home, from arcane; and any who were like her. Countries and territories she had never seen before. Cultures she had never known existed. Aulan even returned to the place she was born, only to find it had changed so much that she almost didn't recognize it anymore. Her heart began to ache for the place she had found her acceptance... her place in the world. Home. Though, what would happen once she returned? Would they welcome her? Remember her? It remains to be seen...

"Fleeting hearts remember."

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PostSubject: Re: Aulan   Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:03 pm

Old profile has been since replaced with this new, expanded version. Profile still meets the requirements and have notified the user of anything that needs clarification, if present.

As always:

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