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 Graal Oh Otonami

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PostSubject: Graal Oh Otonami   Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:49 am

Graal Oh Otonami

Our history is but a cycle of failure, and the blood on our hands seldom belongs to another.

Combat Class:

But of course, I am little more than a simple wolf.

In truth, our clan has mingled and mongrelled with many breeds over the generations. As such I can neither claim to be this or that. Condemnation based on tiny traits such as breed is hardly something I can afford.

As you may well be able to tell from scent or sight, or perhaps another more ethereal sense, I am male.

I am not a young kerl. For eight years I have roamed, though I might look younger to you, I assure you, my bones feel as old as they are.

Birth Season:
Born in the depths of a freezing winter, I am at home in the colder climates of wherever I go, though the warmth of the summer sun still soothes my aching joints.

I will admit this at the very least, I am a little bit of a monster when it comes to my size. At three feet and eight inches tall from pad to shoulder, one-hundred and twenty pounds with an empty stomach and seven feet and two inches nose-to-tail-tip, I was considered a little freakish by even my brothers.

Low but smooth despite my age. I was taught how to care for my voice, for it is how I live, and my calling requires it.

I may smell of pine needles and crisp snow if one investigates closely, though the most powerful scent on me is likely my own musk.

I suppose the closest category to myself would be Chaotic Good. While not especially compelled to do "good" acts for their own sake, more often than not I'll find myself helping someone or something along my way, but I do so because not doing so is unconscionable, and quite honestly, I like to talk to people. There is little more to it, no knightly code, no to-the-death creed.

How would I describe my personality? Well, I suppose I'd begin with... Aloof? Perhaps not the best description, but the closest word I know in this tongue. Next I would go with... Perhaps stoic. Little in the world moves me now, I have seen great bloodshed and great happiness, and seldom does it pay to show ones emotions. Perhaps the most apparent to you now though, is that I am more than a little philosophical. I seek to learn most of all, how the wolves here live, what they have learned, what they have yet to learn, how they learned and how they have not. The young mean much to me, not in a romantic sense, but more... I once heard myself referred to as a pup, they used the words "vessel for the continuation of all our memories". That struck me as odd at the time, but I quickly learned that we all learn from one another. I came to learn, but I will teach if I can.

Preferred Group:
The packs hear appear to be rather restrained, keeping to themselves perhaps? Time will tell anyway. For now, I suppose I'll remain a Kerl, a Loner in your tongue. Perhaps I'll find a place to settle later on, but I feel the need to walk this new land, at least for now.

While these may be considered extraordinary by some, strange or otherworldly by others, such things are somewhat commonplace in the legends and tales of my clan's history. They are nothing strange to me.

Placing my paw on the ground and focussing on a thought or memory, I can leave a sort of "imprint". Upon stepping on or touching the imprint, another can see what I left there, whether it be a message, a memory or some illusion I made to aid my own escape or mislead another. With strong enough willpower, I believe one could ignore or even dispel the imprint.

Upon sleeping, it is possible to step from my own lucid dream and into another's. While there, I have no control over the host's dream except what the host directly allows me.

If I am required at a place I consider to be home, I can take a single step and be there from any place, so long as there is enough room for me to take that one step. This is at once exhausting and difficult, requiring a great deal of concentration and strength. Improper concentration has been known to cause others to materialise half-way through a stone wall or other such immovable objects, the result is a quick death.

To put it rather bluntly, I am not of this land, I am a stranger here. In my homeland, I have walked every inch of the land and a little of the neighbouring islands when humans would assist. In my time I have learned a great many things, from the depravity that can come from absolute and unquestioned power, and the strength and modesty of those who don't abuse that position. I have learned that there are times when one can run from a battle and be considered a hero, and times where staying can have you branded a traitor. There are times to fight, times to love, and times to fear, and I have lived through many of those times.
As a pup, I was not raised by my parents alone, in a rather embarrassing truth, I never knew who they were, I was raised by the clan as a whole, alongside brothers and sisters I likely shared little common blood with. We numbered not just in hundreds, but thousands, and the land was relatively peaceful, plentiful and tranquil in areas even nearer to the human settlements, which were far from few. As humans do, they progressed and learned while we told stories and passed traditions from muzzle to ear since time immemorial. One clan, my clan, ruled the world alongside our human friends, and Vulf and Vulfkin were happy for quite some time. When other humans arrived, they slaughtered our friends and took their homes, we did nothing, for the affairs of humans, as had long been our agreement, were not to be interfered with by our kind. The new humans, however, did not take a liking to us as our friends had, and spoke a rough tongue. They burned everything, I jumped into a pond to escape the flames. When I rose, the shores were nowhere to be seen, and I awoke on the beach in this strange land. Again, I merely thank the gods I survived the water, and I am ready to repeat the cycle one more time.

"Graal's Speaking."
Graal's Thoughts.
Graal's Memories
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PostSubject: Re: Graal Oh Otonami   Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:04 pm

Glad you could finally join Graal and can't wait to RP with ya. Others who are reading his profile, you could learn a thing or two from him Wink

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Graal Oh Otonami
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