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 Caden Gallic

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Caden Gallic

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PostSubject: Caden Gallic   Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:29 pm

Caden Gallic

Race: Human.
Class: Dilettante.
Gender: Male.
Age: 20.
Birth Season: Autumn.
Height: 4 ft 9.
Weight: 101 lbs.
Allignment: Lawful Neutral.
Father: Mynogan Gallic.
Mother: Marianne Gallic.

Appearence: Caden is fairly short and skinny. His hair is brown and his eyes a dulled blue. His most abnormal feature is the fox ears and tail sprouting from the top of his head and at his back. He has no human ears under his hair. He usually dons black trousers with a brown leather belt and a ragged red shirt. Over that he wears a scarlet cloak and a set of bone carved armour.

Personality: Caden is fairly nice to people, generally walking around with a smile on his face and treating others with respect. This does come with a touch of naivete and can sometimes lead to him misjudging the company he keeps, for better or worse. He can be a bit of a joker too, trying to remain light hearted but coming at the cost of crashing and burning into depression if he gets overwhelmed. In battle, he becomes generally more serious but there's a dash of his normal self in there. He's a quick thinker, someone who tends to think a situation through quickly and try to endure it, usually making him very resourceful if not somewhat rash. Though he does not like solitude, he prefers to be part of a group and have someone else calling the shots.

History: Caden was born to Marianne and Mynogan Gallic in a small farming village somewhere off the map. He was raised and schooled by his parents and first introduced to the ways of magic by his father, a runecrafter by trade.

When Caden was 13, his mother Marianne was stabbed in the lung during a bandit raid on the town and died to her wounds afterward. Caden's father blamed himself for being out defending the village and not coming back to her soon enough and it took a toll on his life, leading him to depend on his son a lot.

At 17, Caden began to learn the art of runecrafting from his dad and began to advance in the skill as well as beginning to learn hunting and basic combat training.

At 18, his father was out hunting and killed a fox. This fox turned out to be the familiar to a witch living in the woods. She confronted him about it and as punishment, cursed his son to bear the ears and tail of the animal so he'd forever remember his mistake. Caden became increasingly shunned thanks to this and his father slipped further into depression.

At 19, his father Mynogan left during the night without telling his son. He left a note explaining he was going to find "Perform his purpose." Caden continued living alone and honed his skills in runecrafting, eventually crafting armour composed of the bones of a large lizard, thanks to an old friend of the family who hunted the beasts.

At 20, Caden finally decided to leave home to both further his runecrafting skills and find out what happened to his father. This is where his story begins.


Dagger: A small folded steel dagger that Caden keeps at his belt at all times. He uses it as a last resort in combat and for hunting and rune crafting.
Journal: An A5 sized leatherbound notebook bound by a red chord and featuring a pressed leaf for a bookmark. Found at the back of Caden's belt.
Rune bag: A small black pelt bag which contains Caden's runes. This is kept on the right side of his belt at all times.


Runes: The runes are small white smooth pieces of bone the size of a finger joint with a black symbol carved into them, each one carved to to be flat with a rounded oval edge. They are imbued with a specific magic spell relating to their symbol that can be cast at will. Each rune is fairly powerful, but once used it has to be given time to recharge, usually taking an hour to do so. The runes themselves are based upon Norse mythology.

Rune spell list:
Raido: A rune that grants the magic of telepathy. Held in hand it grants Caden the ability to read a directed target's mind. He may either point it at a single target to gain strong thoughts or use it in an area form to detect thoughts around him.
Isa: A rune that becomes a spear of ice when thrown or a general ice spell to freeze a target.
Hagalaz: Summons up a hailstorm to rain down upon his enemies. The hail itself can cause small freezing in some targets and damage otherwise. This rune must be thrown up into the sky to be cast.
Laguz: Summons up a strong wave of water to rush his enemies. This rune must be held in hand to activate.
Ehwaz: Gives Caden access to brief telekinesis, the rune must be thrown to be cast and acts as a link between Caden's hand and the object or person he manipulates with the spell.
Berkana: Creates either a spike or pillar of earth to where it is thrown.
Kano: Creates a burning blaze of fire around the rune when thrown.
Wunjo: Summons a ball of light to illuminate the surrounding area. The rune must be tossed into the air to be cast and lingers around the user until the spell fizzles out.
Sowelu: Can either heal the caster by being held in hand or thrown at an ally to give them a dose of healing. Works only on physical injuries and effects can be limited for mortal wounds. It cannot revive someone who has died.
Perth: When held, shrouds the user in a spell to make them appear invisible. It can also be thrown to others to cloak them and it lasts for about a minute. It does not muffle sound.
Nauthiz: When thrown at a target, the rune creates chains of binding energy to wrap around and incapacitate a target. If held it can also lash out chains, which is less effective but binds the target to Caden.
Eihwaz: Generates a magical shield around the user. Must be held to be cast and can be worn down and broken.
Dagaz: A spell specifically made to destroy shields. This applies to both physical and magical shields and must be thrown to be cast.
Ansuz: Creates illusionary duplicates of Caden in order to confuse and disorient a target, usually followed by a physical strike or a second spell. Must be held to be cast.
Thurisaz: Creates a bolt of lightning to strike a foe. Can either be held to shoot lightning from the palm or thrown into the air for an aerial lightning bolt.
Teiwaz: Can either create a strong gust of wind from the hand or can be held to create a tornado around the user's body.
Othila: When held, the user must think of a location and they will be teleported there immediately. The range is limited but the speed is fast.
Jera: When held, it can draw in energy from nearby people and objects. This rune essentially allows Caden to quickly recharge all his other runes or supercharge them to boost their effects, but it cannot re power itself. Caden can also choose to drain his own strength to repower his runes but this leaves him vulnerable.

Wide range of spells
Possible combinations of spells
Work well with allies

Limited number of spells
Must have their name spoken to be cast
Recharge required after single use
Only one of each rune
Can be destroyed when not being cast

Bone armour: Caden's hand crafted bone armour is lightweight and decently durable. On top of that, the various pieces have been enchanted with Rune magic and can cast spells akin to his normal runes. These versions are stronger and last longer but take twice as long to recharge.

Armour spell list:
Helmet: Raido
Left Gauntlet: Eihwaz
Left Arm: Wunjo
Right Gauntlet: Ehwaz
Right Arm: Nauthiz
Chestplate: Sowelu
Left leg: Perth
Right Leg: Othila
Left boot: Dagaz
Right Boot: Berkana

More immediate than the normal runes
Twice as strong spell effects
More accurate than normal runes

Take twice as long to recharge
Can be damaged to prevent spell effects
Far less range than the normal runes
Name must be spoken and armour section must be concentrated on to cast


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PostSubject: Re: Caden Gallic   Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:30 pm

Very interesting powers and a great character all around. Glad to have you here Caden.



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Caden Gallic
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