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 Vikari Haracen.

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Vikari Haracen

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PostSubject: Vikari Haracen.   Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:31 am

Quote :
Full Name:
Vikari ‘The Destroyer’ Haracen.


Four years old (Canine).


Race, (Human form):
Norse, Viking.


Wolf, Ashen (Black).

Alpha Female.

Preferred Group:
Loner (OOC Group).

Size Description:
Built in bulk, this female the epitome of intimidation for no wolf has larger stood upon the Kumari plains and sundered it so beneath a weight bred for war, she who is challenged by no other female of a pack bred to bring all others to their heel, stands above all bitches as the feminine presence of strength.

Length: 6.3 feet.
Height: 30 inches (at the shoulder).

Black lavender and Ash.

Birth season:
The Ever Cold Winter.

Chaotic Evil.

Fighting Class:
Elite - 3 Paragraph Minimum/ 300 Word Minimum.
Permission to Kill - (Veteran).
Permissions to attack - None.
Handicap - 1 Full Evade.


For a female Vikari is very strong and independent, standing by her Alpha partner though refusing to allow him to see her weaken to a knee, she is often rising against the male leader in her provocative and defiant advice to steer the pack in a direction of war that would benefit the majority rather than the few, she who would sooner die for any one of her pack mates than see them fall to the lesser kind. Rivalled by many of her own kind yet respected by all for her strength and innovation in procuring the best interest for the pack, her loyalty is questioned by none as she’s willing to cut down any who stand in their way, whether ally or otherwise. It is only the word of her Alpha Male that stands against her utter domination of all other wolves.

Vikari stands an Alpha Female in a land not yet of her own.

A black pelt who’s only change in tone are the yellow eyes that glare viciously into the soul of any who come to stand against her. A scar to adjourn the left of her muzzle rolling down the side of her neck of which speaks of a deathly blow yet a defiant struggle and the will to fight against all odds. She is a Wolf of the Darkness, a strength in whom will intimidate all and a personal darkness that will abide by no weakness as she forces the will of the pack upon all that would stand against them.

((Biography subject to change as story follows)).
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PostSubject: Re: Vikari Haracen.   Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:20 am

I love seeing aggressive characters, especially females - you don't see too many and I think they bring a certain edge to the floor. ]Great profile.

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Vikari Haracen.
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