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 Skáti Fenrisúlfr

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Skáti Fenrisúlfr

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PostSubject: Skáti Fenrisúlfr   Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:17 am

•Full Name.- Skáti Fenrisúlfr

•Age. - Five years. (Human equivalent - 26)

•Race.- Norse (Viking)

•Breed/ species- Dire Wolf descendant. Thought to be a direct descendant of Fenrir.

•Preferred Group: For now, Lone.

•Weight: 170 Pounds

•Length: 6 ft

•Scent. - Dirt and earth.

•Voice- Though rarely heard, it is deep a soothing, despite his fearful appearance.

•Birth season- Autumn

•*Alignment- Chaotic Evil

•Powers- None.

•Weaknesses and Strengths- Skáti carries no supernatural abilities, that in itself is both a strength and a weakness depending upon the view of those that are looking.
From such a young age, the male has been taught that weakness will not be forgiven, and has long since forgotten what it means to have such a burden; leaving only strength in it's wake.

•Fighting Class- Advanced

A man of few words, Skáti is not one to voice himself all too often. He is the type to sit back and lie in wait, using his cunning and a strength he is known all too well for to get around his subordinates and enemies. He is loyal to those that prove loyal to him and cares naught for those that show any sorts of a weakness.
The strong will carry bloodlines while the weak will always fall behind.
The way to this brutes heart is literally through it. He carries no soft spot for anyone but his alpha female, for she has proven to be the only femme that has the courage to step upon his toes.
((More will develop as the character himself develops))


Being the largest of his litter, Skáti was snatched from deep within his den by an invading pack. By way of the northmen, only the largest and healthiest pups were kept, almost always being male. The others were destroyed and never left to starve for the very real threat that they may somehow survive and prosper to take vengeance.
The pack in which the brute would grow and learn to call home was a vicious and brutal pack. Never once succumbing to invaders; The Ark Pack was often a target for pillaging, but the way in which they lived made also made them the most difficult. In true fashion, the wolves of soft descent were swiftly dealt with, leaving only the strong and merciless to carry the lines.
He has lived no other life and has known no other; there is nothing in the way of happiness, but instead comfortability in the way in which the male has been taught to live his life; a life he thrives within.
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PostSubject: Re: Skáti Fenrisúlfr   Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:53 am

Very intrigued to see a wolf here with no abilities. We'll have to see how well you fare.



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Skáti Fenrisúlfr
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