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 Mathias Ka'Alvi

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PostSubject: Mathias Ka'Alvi    Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:31 pm


NAME: Mathias (M-u-thigh-ass) Ka'Alvi  (K-ah-al-vee)


AGE/DOB: 7 years- Wolf

HEIGHT : 66in (5.5ft)

WEIGHT: 196lbs

RANK: Alpha


VOICE: Deep, baritone like. Think an English version of Liam Neeson

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil


canine appearance

The tip of his pointed muzzles sits a black nose contrasted by creamy white fur that is often laced with the blood of his kill. Behind the creamy lips are lovely ivory teeth. As his fur makes the incline further up his face one is faced with the beauty of his gem like eyes. Their rare mystical beauty only matched by the cyan seas in which he used to roam. The fur around them a contrasting crimson color that darkens in the winter and burns a fiery crimson when the light strikes each strange in 'that way'. The same way that makes the great red maple burn in the dying light of the sun.

The strands lengthen down his spine and chest providing ample protection from a wayward attacker who is looking to strike at the muscle that sit in waiting beneath. Traveling down his legs the fur grows darker until it is pure black. Black stocking lead to large powerful paws with thickly padded soles that muffled the sounds he might have made otherwise. Moving back up along his back the red fur continues and lengthens at the base of his tail straight down to the tip. Along the knights spine, just behind his powerful shoulders lay a set of matching wings - demonic wings bestowed upon him by his ungrateful mother. A few tears are scattered along each but there is no major damage to them and he can still use them for flight.

The muscles that ripple over his body make him a heavy individual but by no accounts is he overweight. The knight's physique is in tip top shape. Mathias is in his prime and he intends to take full advantage of that.  

dragon appearance

LENGTH : 60 meters (Think Smaug from the Hobbit)


From the tip of the monsters face down to the barbed tail, this creature wreaks of potency. Thick crimson scales lay in perfect order starting from mid 'face' all the way down to his tail. Larger scales are worn like armor down from his neck and underside. A few of them cover his legs to protect what would be a delicate sensitive area from attack.
Should you catch his maw open before dying it is because he wants you to see the chamber from which you will die. Teeth longer and thicker than your arm lay in waiting to strike. The tips of them pointed or jagged depending on where in the mouth you shall be devoured. To tear and destroy flesh and bone alike makes no difference. The last thing you see will be the light fading from between your final prison bars just before the remainder of the blood pools from your veins.
Along his back are two large wings to carry the beast to and fro. The appendages are a dark garnet which fades to a deep red, the likes resemble dried blood. To be able to touch them and live would bring one great honor as the gentlemen prides his wings.
Moving down from the back of his neck to his spine are spiked frills. Thorn like bones stick out at the end of each of them, making one toss of the head to the side a dangerous maneuver should anyone be his opponent. These are used for show should a mate be worthy enough to cross his path or to defeat an ally. The appendages are strong but a fracture in one could break off and get lodged within an enemy. Unless it is removed, infection and finally death would end their small existence on life.  

human appearance

To expand upon


The dashing male has a way he carries himself that screams of royalty although he'd never admit to it. As much as he'll try to conceal the way in which he was raised the sophistication there are several tell tail signs of his past.

In every situation the outcome must carefully be considered before a decision can be made. Why? It must end the way he wants. He has vast battle knowledge and has learned how to manipulate any opponent. The problem with being decisive is he tends to do what his gut instincts are whether he likes it or not.

The gentlemen is viciously loyal once you gain his trust. He will stop at nothing to rescue or avenge what has been done. There sword has two sides to it though, should one put themselves in danger through their foolishness then he has no qualms about leaving them to their demise. Being so protective has a downside as he may feel the need to keep those whom he cares about in a safe zone.

Always on the move, in fact boredom does not suit this fine male specimen. His body is built for endurance and long distance pursuit which makes every opportunity a chance to keep his body in tip-top condition. The chance of a hunt can not go unnoticed, especially if the hunt means the death of a loner or one who dares over step their boundaries with him. The fit man will take whatever crosses his path to hone his abilities further.


The ears upon his head are not just fancy appendages; this lovely male has taken note that everything around makes a sound and if it doesn't it is either not alive or is a threat. For this reason they are always on alert, like the rest of his body. He is a light sleeper to ensure that danger is never sneaking up on him. Never trust the the man who does not sleep.


One might say he is bi-polar, which might possibly be true, but he has a strange twitch about him that is set off by random events or characteristics in particular wolves. Something snaps within his mind causing him to go completely 'feral'. His pupils constrict, muscles tense and release at the closest being, his memory blacks out everything that he did. This state of his personality should be avoided at all costs but once the threshold is crossed the best option is to run and continue running until he gains control once more.


-- Venom
Similar to the komodo dragon, the saliva is a danger in and of itself. Depending on his mood he could change the component of it to hold poisons. His knowledge of chemicals only aides his repertoire of ways to kill someone for every toxic substance, poison, deadly herb, he ingests it's chemical makeup is not destroyed, but absorbed and embedded within his chemical makeup. The toxin could be as simple as hives along the skin from an allergic reaction or complete fatality.

-- Disease
Not unlike the venom, plague and disease do not harm the beast but strengthen him. It is not unlike him to travel to disease and famine infested countries just to get a sample of what they are going through. Not for his own amusement but for his knowledge and skill for the future. What might kill you will not kill him.  The disease can be inflicted from a simple bite or perhaps he has tainted the water supply.

--Anti- Venom/ Cure
Having the gift of transmitting a disease or poison at ones will is simple for any being who is a carrier, carrying the antidote alongside it is another talent. One the gentlemen can either use to help someone or not.

-- Rejuvenation
In some cultures this is a highly coveted gift that many believe can be obtained through the fountain of youth. As for Mathias, it is a blessing and a curse. He never grows old, his human appearance being around that of a 23 year old. Tattoo's never hold to his skin longer than a month due to this aspect of his biochemistry.

--Dragon skin
Whether in human or canine form, his skin holds the same armor as that of his dragon side. A bite from an attacked could mean broken or fractured teeth. Stabbing with any blade and the metal will seem brittle by cracking or shattering. Shoot him with any ammunition and it is either instantly crushed against his skin or rebounded back. The only downside to this defense is the same weakness along his chest where his heart lays the skin (or scales) are a fraction more delicate. It would still require a great deal of work to penetrate through them but less than say anywhere else on his body.  

Still expanding

the history

A demon at dawn and at dusk. The monster is but part of the overall circle of life as they say. A wolf that the man received his striking colors from while his dam gave him her wings. The abbreviated story is the two fell in love had a litter of pups and of course there is always the tragic 'were killed in a great battle' now that was of course the truth but the creature that killed them was their own offspring.

He was seen as the devil in disguise always the quiet one of the group, the one who started the fights and could completely finish them. He was just over a year old at this point in time when his mother took to her 'stone sleep'; a vulnerable state for a wolf with limited days. He had not received the curse, instead his gift was that of a toxic nature. His slaughtered his parents and kin for their lack luster out look on life and took off on his own. Over time he has grown into a powerful warrior that is not one you want on your bad side and has since found himself in this new world.

the player


TIMEZONE: Eastern Standard Time


Do you know what it is like to walk day after day hell bent on a single purpose? To forget? To change? To do what you could not do before? Protect them at all costs?

Sulfur and brimstone. The volcano must have been a newly erupted site since the pāhoehoe was still advancing casually in some spots while in others it had cooled immensely, regardless, a figure still moved cautiously along the edge. The figure a distant shadow against the liquid fire behind him. Long limbs propelled the giant effortlessly over fallen logs. This was his lucky day, the wind was moving North keeping the smog out of his face and preventing the rapid spread of lava that bubble up crater and various vents that it had formed or found. If someone had lived here at one point they did no longer, it was unpredictable. Yet this man had found himself in this very place. For him it was only ironic; however, to a passerby he should be considered insane or just lacking common sense to be where he was.

Careening his head to the South he mused about what else this land had. Here prey would be lacking, but not amusement. There was a thought that if he was to live in these lands than he would claim this area as his, or become the Demon of the Volcano that tricked and pillaged the rewards of anyone foolish enough to come into his domain. At this time that would be a foolish idea; the crimson knight had to first scout the area and work beneath the lunar sky to observe what lay beyond this very point. Shifting his weight, Mathias continued his non-nonchalant journey around the edge of this mountain. If there was one thing that this mighty volcano would surely bring it would be life. The giant knew of that; he'd seen it before but who would give it that type of credit?

The idea that this volcano brought not only death but life as well made the man stop and sit down with his backside to a pāhoehoe, facing the rest of the land. Auds perked high on his crown; listening, focusing on what lay before him. Like a mighty king that watched over his subjects this land might be able to thrive under the right supervision. Within those cyan eyes held a darkness that gleamed at the very theory. Not unlike the volcano, the gentleman could be feared and revered. The two could become an unlikely partnership. A pink tongue lashed out against cream colors lips as a hunger built up within his gullet that time would satisfy. For now he sat in admiration of the volcano and the untainted land that lies just beneath their perch.

thanks to BEA of caution 2.0!

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PostSubject: Re: Mathias Ka'Alvi    Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:56 pm

Very nice! I appreciate the effort of including a RP sample as it gives those who look at this profile see how well you play this character. However you're missing a few key elements still. Please update as soon as you can by adding his alignment, fighting class and voice. Otherwise:

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PostSubject: Re: Mathias Ka'Alvi    Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:09 pm

Thank you, I have amended the profile to include those things. As soon as I am able I will get his human appearance up and added.
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PostSubject: Re: Mathias Ka'Alvi    

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Mathias Ka'Alvi
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