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 Realter Request : Happy Herb. WIP

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Noah Jacobsen

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PostSubject: Realter Request : Happy Herb. WIP   Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:43 am

Muchani Realtor.
3/4001 Thompson Street,
Muchani, KUMARI

Full Name:  Noah Alex Jacobsen.

How long have you been a Kumari resident? Joined 7/7/2014

Number of posts at the time of Realtor request: 27 - I was absent for a time.

Is it a place of residence or a business?
Both, per say. Mainly the latter.

Is it an existing business/ building?  No, new.

What is the business/ building name:  Happy Herb.

Where is the business/ building located? Downtown.

Express your interest in this request: (minimum 100 words)
Noah is a botanist and an alchemist of sorts. His line of work sees him using many and more plants species than the forests and woods of Kumari can offer - albeit the dangerous kind. Having them on hand without having to go out and search for them would be handy seeing as though he spends the majority of his time within the concrete jungle.
The place would also house his daytime dwelling. A mundane spot for those that wish to find his alter ego - Lurik.
I also feel that this would work well in benefit for the Kumari community. Characters can come to the shop to purchase erbs, spices and plants that they would not ordinarily be able to get their hands on in Kumari - this includes on and off the black market dealings. I believe it could open many new threads, plots and avenues for the site; and I later wish to use it as an avenue of marketing for the site and for my character.

What will be the main function of the business/ building?  (minimum 50 words)
As above.

How will this business/ building contribute to your character and Kumari? (minimum 100 words)
As above.

page 1

Code & Form & Image ©

Muchani Realtor.
3/4001 Thompson Street,
Muchani, KUMARI

What will the board name be? Happy Herb.

Board image:

What is the board description: (minimum 50 words / maximum 100)
After a long spell of dust and decay, the old squat building has been bought by an old resident long since returned. It's a stand out squat dwelling featured between two massively tall sky scrapers.  This city Nursery sells the more different varieties of plants and erbs than your average local store. From the exotics to the every day - you'll find what you're looking for; on and off the black market.
Through the second story window you can usually see the flicker of candle light as a man calls it his home within homes.

What is the business/ building history; how did you come to own it:
(minimum 100 words)

The older residents of Kumari will remember this small old shack from back in its "Hay Day" when the shelves and windows were stocked with lollies and sweet. All those that you could think of - from Whizz Bangers to Toffee Apple Chews.
When the old man whom owned the fantasy world had gone cold with age, the store was cleaned out. The windows wee boarded and it was long forgotten, collecting dust and roaches.
When Noah Jacobsen returned as a young man to the city he was born into in search for his missing friend and long lost love, he found himself wanting of a home. Sure, he had dwellings around the city. Old abandoned places that were his half way houses; but nothing to call home.
He purchased the store with cash form The Muchani Realter, fixed it up, gave himself an alias by the name of Lurik and opened a Plant Nursery. What better way than to live out his profession and home all in the same building.

page 2

Code & Form & Image ©

Muchani Realtor.
3/4001 Thompson Street,
Muchani, KUMARI

Is there sub-boards; if so, name and describe them:(Copy and paste forms as needed.)
Board Name: Your text here.
Board description: Your text here.
Image: Your image here.

There may be sub boards later, but not at this time.

Active and archived threads regarding the board in question:

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PostSubject: Re: Realter Request : Happy Herb. WIP   Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:00 am

Excellent, the only issue is that we cannot make this a forum board itself, it must be a sub-board; so, which board would you like it placed under in DownTown?


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Realter Request : Happy Herb. WIP
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