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 Just not your day part 2

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Oxen Jurisdiction

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PostSubject: Just not your day part 2   Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:15 am

"take this one to cubicle ten and enter the details into the database, these two require extra restraints and make sure you finish the tag on the deceased" Dr Granger instructed the Oxen Corp soliders as the men hauled in each subject, all captured in recent hours. There was little indication in the woman's tone to show how irritated she was that she had already lost a female vampire captive due to the incompetence and trigger happy response of a team however she made note in her file to provide feedback to the military coordinator once she was done in her practical work for the day.

There were two subjects who had been hauled in, both male though one had not clearly shown it's species whilst the other was confirmed to be Lycan. It had taken a decent voltage and sedative to subdue the two and whilst it was problematic in the field, Dr Granger saw the two test subjects as perfect specimens to begin trials for her research.

There were a team of soldiers to each table in case of emergency support, each subject strapped to an examination table with thick restraints at the ankle joint, knee, thigh, just above the abdomen and wrists. The more secure the restraints the easier it would be for Dr. Granger's teams to work whilst ensuring each specimen was unable to harm others or themselves. Walking about each table she watched as her team of three scientists began on one of the specimens, cutting the clothing away and completing a physical examination according to the checklist procedure she had given them in their debrief. One of the young women glanced up as she fixed one last electrode to the torso of one of the subjects, her fingers tapping in the information and arranging settings for a heart monitor whilst a young man on the opposite side of the table slowly and easily inserted a syringe, filling three consecutive blood test tubes before capping each. As he moved away with the tubes, another woman stepped in to fill his place, inserting another needle which was hooked up to an intravenous drip.

While they were focused on one of the specimens, it became evident of the other beginning to rouse from the sedative, a wounded groan escaping the mans mouth as his eyelids fought to open. Dr Granger glanced up from her sheet and headed to the man who was restrained to the table, using the end of her pen to prod at the mans torso as she gazed at his features, watching him try to fight the drowsiness of the sedative. It always seemed hit or miss with doses, though it had been reported that the lycan had been given another dose whilst in transport.
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PostSubject: Re: Just not your day part 2   Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:34 am

There hadn't been a time where Tate was sent under by anesthetic, plenty of times he had felt the crunch of someones knuckles against his face in the middle of a bout and he had eaten his fair share of cage floor but this nauseating almost comatose state in which he had woken in was by far the gnarliest of feelings. He couldn't recall ever having had trouble trying to open his eyes as he did now, and the foggy daze which hung over him made the sensation of being prodded in the side with a pen seem like something he was witnessing out of state. The sedative was wearing away slowly and after some moments of struggling to gain control over his dormant muscles he managed a groan. His senses seemed to be stuck in slow motion, voices out of tone and the sensation of touch prompting concentration to ascertain exactly what was going on. It was a blur, all a damn blur but one thing he instantly knew, he wasn't anywhere near a bottle of bourbon and tapped beer.

As his eyelids slowly lifted, the lights from above shattered the dark drowsiness he had felt, replacing his confusion with instinctual fear. No matter how much of an egotistical dickhead he could be, Tate was not immune to natural fears, including this in the moment of blinding white lights and the looming outline of scientists swarming about him. he found his voice quicker then expected, letting out a hoarse bellow."What the hell!?"

the reactive recoil of the woman standing above him as he began to yell spurred on the barrage of following insults and unsavory words, trying to use the distraction to work feeling back into his limbs but it was of little use. an assistant moved over from the other table, as the woman directed instructions, the assistant trying to force a flat mouth guard in to gag Tate. He struggled to turn his head away before another assistant moved over to help out, closing his nostrils to prevent Tate from breathing. he could finally move his fingers and flex the muscles in his legs and arms, fingers trying to find grip against the steel table as he struggled against giving in. Tate's cheeks flushed as pressure built in his lungs and head. It took another fifteen seconds before his body gave out, involuntarily gasping to get air. At the opportune moment his rasps were stifled, the guard effectively gagging him.

He was able to turn his head and look about the room, the full clear view of the laboratory now sinking in. As he regained strength in his limbs he tried to pull himself up, finding himself tied against the table he was laying upon. Why he had been nabbed outside of the pub was still unknown to him, he hadn't seen a speck of what was going on in Muchani and the Senator's policy and now he was imprisoned in some weird science room. The team of scientists who had been occupied elsewhere now surrounded him as he struggled with panic to escape but it was futile, feeling the blade of shears as his clothes were cut away much to his disgust. Tate's breathing quickened as his eyes flicked between the individuals looming above him, his fingers curling into fists as he tried to fight. Hands held his left arm securely as he felt the pinch of a syringe needle, the cool sensation of liquid inserted through the drip that had been placed in his arm. It took but a moment or two before he felt the room begin to spin as whatever had been given set in.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.
Mahatma Gandhi
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Oxen Jurisdiction

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PostSubject: Re: Just not your day part 2   Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:27 am

She had done as was instructed of her whilst the two immortals remained unconscious. It was a while ago that her training had commenced but Lillianne had applied restraints many and more times now, she considered herself an expert. She'd even practised with ropes with Teddy a few times when off duty. He'd been teaching her to use weapons too, but none of that mattered now.
She studied the face of the lycan and silently wondered how Dr. Granger knew exactly what he was without even a blink. Did he have some sort of mark that she was unaware of? Shaking her head she helped the soldier buckle the straps around the mans limbs. For such a small girl, she was strong though she didn't at all look it.
She eyed the mans gun at his side but said nothing. The sound of gunshots emitting deep in her mind at the recent shooting within the laboratory. It wasn't the first she'd seen. Lilly had seen more killings in her short life than many do in 80 years; but it was the way they past that disturbed her - or, use to at least. That incompetent soldier had been taken away for retraining to a different facility, like so many before him he was just scared. They often started the soldiers off in the labs so they could get used to the supernatural humans before going into the field. Lillianne thought that was a mistake. You go to all the trouble of catching one and sedating it to bring it here to have it killed by an idiot. She shook her head as she finished the restrictions of the other body, holding them while the other assistant tightened it.

After a moment, Dr. granger came forward and did her tests with Lillianne over her shoulder as per the usual. Note book in hand she jotted down important findings that she thought would be useful. From time to time Dr. Granger let her do the documentations. She knew it was for the lessor studies, but she didn't care. It was all so fascinating.
It hadn't taken long for the second specimen to come to. after a moment of confusion he had begun thrashing, trying to break free of his bonds; but Lilly's training had kicked in. Instinctively she reached for the syringe that was hidden within her white coat pocket and uncapped it. Her eyes sought out Dr. Grangers as she stood behind the three men restraining him and on her mentors signal pushed the thin metal tube into his skin and squeezed the plunger.
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PostSubject: Re: Just not your day part 2   

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Just not your day part 2
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