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 Jack Savage

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Jack Savage


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PostSubject: Jack Savage   Tue May 04, 2010 8:50 pm

Age: 21
Sex: Male
Breed: Lycan
Family: None he's certain of however he's heard rumors of a sister in recent travels.
Rank: Hunter

Powers: Manipulation of stone, granted to him when he cleansed his mind and body through a ritual taught to him by monks during his travels weeks before an encounter with his brother who was presumed to be dead. Also has been given enhanced strength and hardened skin

Limitations: Cannot manage manipulating much more than a large boulder without putting significant strain on his body. Manipulating the stone drains physical strength.

Weaknesses: Can still be cut, just requires more force. Bullets still penetrate his flesh but rarely leave an exit wound for anything lower than a .50 cal round.

History: see below

Wolf form: Black fur with white under belly, white on the tips of his ears and tail as well as on his paws. Eyes are the same as when he is in human form, one crimson the other gray. Due to recent events his left foreleg and right hind leg have been replaced with bionic replicas of them with the ability to transform with his shifts, also transfers over to his Lycan form.

Personality: In lycan form, tends to be loud and vicious to match his savage nature. He's been known to bring down buildings and rip through most military vehicles as though they were paper, very strong and proud.

Appearance: large hulking form, stands at 9ft tall with glowing red eyes. Dogtags hang around his neck.

Picture: (still looking for pics to show the new appearance for each)
Lycan form (bionics covered by fur)

Wolf Form (Again, bionics hidden)

Human Information (optional but required if you can morph to human form)
Appearance: 6ft 3in tall weighing 200lbs of muscle. Short snow white hair with long bangs, typically wears black jeans and a belt with two chrome Desert Eagles with "Cry Havok" etched into the barrels holstered on it. Eyes are mismatched, one grey and the other crimson and double labret peircing, usually wears talons. His upper body has been turned into a portrait of a battle of Celts versus Vikings to cover his old tattoos and scars. The newest change is the robotic left arm and right leg thanks to an almost failed fight against the legendary Mothman. The limbs have been modified to shift with him as he takes his different forms.(pics of each to come)

The new development: the bionic limbs now serving as his left arm and right leg are constructed of tempered titanium and built to take a severe beating and continue functioning. They increase his strength in those limbs by 40% of his already immense natural strength. The hand when in human form can produce four razor sharp claws. It's amazing what technology has to offer, aint it?

Personality: Sarcastic and to the point, idea of a good joke is a thumb in the eye. Always likes to get the job done ASAP, never one to dwell in the past.

Picture: (Hair is still white and eyes are as described above)

History: Lived in the forest alone in a bunker until he had been found by Jokers of the Okami when he was human, after leaving temporarily he came home to find that he had been replaced and his family had been separated. Then his former co-Beta invited him to join the Kumari where he intends to make another new start.

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage   Tue May 04, 2010 9:29 pm

We accept. However your request to be beta will be pending until further notice.
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Jack Savage


Posts : 186
Join date : 2010-05-04
Age : 27
Location : Insanity Ville

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage   Tue May 04, 2010 11:37 pm

Roger that
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage   

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Jack Savage
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