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 Justin's Bio.

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PostSubject: Justin's Bio.   Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:11 pm

Sub character Justin:
Name of Member who Invited you:Kit's sub character
Will you be applying for Pack Membership? (Y/N)Prehaps

Wolf Information (Not nessicary if you do not own a wolf form)
Age:1 year old as a wolf while human form is as a teenager.
Breed:Two tailed silver wolf with fox in his blood.
Family:Mother:Kit Father:Lee status unknown. Half Brother:Kuzan.
Rank (or place desired Rank): Whatever found suitable.

Powers/Abilities: Linked with Brother Thunder, he can contorll sound, send out sound waves, though foes off balance and use two different types of sonar. One is the basic, bark and listen to echos, two is pound on the ground and feel the vibrations.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:All of the above except feeling sound waves are from Brother Thunder and he can grow week or strong depending on weather conditions.

History:The lone survivor of Kit's first litter Justin watched as his mother ended the war and left. He was since then raised by his father an uncle, upon the day of his first birth day he found his element, thunder, not suprizing considering he has a naturally musicale voice. He lived on strong, but never forgot his mother. Some days he though he could hear her howl on the wind and knew she was alive but did not know were she was.

So, he made a plan to set out in serch of her, but did not know when to leave. His found his answer soon, as more and more humans came into thier land, spliting the pack and hunting them down in the chaos. Justin escaped and is presumed the only survivor.

Personality:His mannors come first no matter the situation. After that he is a happy wolf who only sees life's joy. Though in conflict he tosses emotoin on the windo and is blunt to get realaty across. He makes frinds with everyone and loves to howl. His voice has always had a song like qualaty to it and his howl was the most spell binding of his old pack.

Appearance:A rather large and fluffy wolf with two tails. Silver with one ear, both tail tips and his paws that change with emotion like his mother's eyes. Red fur is anger, Green fur is contentment, Blue fur is joy, White fur is fear and Black fur is hate, though he still has conroll of himself in this state.


Human Information (optional but required if you can morph to human form)
Appearance:A boy in his teens with silver hair often in a blue gray shirt and dark blue geans

Personality:Though he looks like a snob he has the same sweet personalaty as above.


Limitations of Powers/Abilities:Same

Weapons:A small dagger he is skilled with.

History:The one reason he esacped from the hunt, he used his human form to blend in, somehting the others refused to do as they clung to the old ways.


Extra: (what else not listed above can your character do? Special power? Another animal form?)Due to the fox in his blood from his father, he cans use a skill that comes with that blood line, to fade away into nature, no smell, no sound left behind. Though, this is only as limited as his strength and as he is a half blood it is not as perfect as it could be.

(wolf from DA, boy from The World Ends With You; a DS game. And all posts in this character will be in black

(Sorry about the new user name, I forgot the email I made for the account)

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PostSubject: Re: Justin's Bio.   Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:57 pm

Welcome back Justin. We look forward to seeing you around the pack lands. Please adhere to the rules that have been created.
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Justin's Bio.
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